Note To Self #4

mask | oil | spray | varnish | liner | serum Since vowing to use everything up I'm all out of certain products and in need...

mask | oil | spray | varnish | liner | serum

Since vowing to use everything up I'm all out of certain products and in need of some skin care replacements. I've been using coconut oil as a cleanser for a little while now but I'd like to try cold pressed virgin coconut oil; the RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream looks wonderful and comes highly recommended. I've wanted this Cattier Pink Clay Mask since forever, it's not available in the UK so either I pay extra to get it shipped over or I find a suitable replacement. I'm all about making my skin look brighter, healthier, and clearer so I'm looking out for Vitamin C products like the Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum.

I'm also in need of a couple of make-up substitutes; since receiving a sample of KMS Makeover Spray in a Birchbox no other touch-up/restyling spray has been as good so I'm finally ditching Batiste. While the black Maybelline Gel Liner is fantastic the brown version isn't so great, I think I'm going to try the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner instead.

This last one is a "I totally don't need this but I want it" product; the Christian Dior Nail Glow looks super pretty and I can't help but feel I would love it as much as the Christian Dior Lip Glow. I haven't purchased anything frivolous in a while so maybe this is it..

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  1. Have you tried the cattier masks? Or any of their products? I've been wanting to try out the brand but not sure what to get :)

  2. Michelle1/17/2014

    love the bobbi brown eye liner!

  3. Celina1/17/2014

    Love this post! I haven't tried the Bobbi Brown eye liner but I'm considering it after I use up my MAC Fluidline. I was considering that and the Clinique Cream Liner.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  4. The Bobbi Brown gel liners are fantastic! They basically never dry out, unlike some of my other ones which dry out ridiculously fast (Inglot I'm looking at you).

    Stephanie | Love, August

  5. I'm interested in the RMS coconut cream as well, especially after seeing it featured on Caroline Hirons blog. I want the Dior gel top coat, though the Nail Glow sounds lovely too :)

  6. Parisian To Be1/18/2014

    I really want to try the RMS Coconut Cream--I actually think it might be better than normal coconut oils (because of its extraction process). And the Cattier mask sounds amazing, too. xo

    Lillian from

  7. What are your thoughts about receiving it in a squishy envelope instead of a proper box? Cause it looks like I could send it to you for only 3€ or so...


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