Note To Self #8 : Shopping For Spring

{ ring | dress | perfume | lipstick | shoes | eyeshadow } For quite a while nothing was alluring enough to make me part with my ...

{ ring | dress | perfume | lipstick | shoes | eyeshadow }

For quite a while nothing was alluring enough to make me part with my money and then, all of a sudden, I want to buy everything and my purse is falling open for lipsticks, shoes, cute dresses, and even jewellery, which have all successfully crept their way onto my "oh my gosh I really need this" list.

My obsession for eye balls isn't going anywhere fast and although I have been struggling between picking a piece from Datter Industries for months, I think I can no longer deny the watchful eye ring is perfect for me. After rediscovering the Sephora Jumbo Liners, I have also rediscovered how ridiculously lazy (while still appearing incredibly put together) you can be when you have "eye crayons" to rely on for super fast make-up application. I want more of these in my life in the form of the Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks. The Huile Prodigieuse dry oil smells so freaking amazing I figured the Prodigieux le Parfum would be just as dreamy and possibly the most perfect spring scent. I have been obsessing over court shoes; realising I own smart shoes but nothing formal has highlighted a huge gap in my wardrobe, which means these Kurt Geiger shoes have won a place on my spring wardrobe wish list. Finally, spring isn't set without soft natural shades of lipsticks; Lord & Berry Desert Rose is one of literally dozens of honey-pink products I have bookmarked lately.

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  1. I adore the dress, shoes and ring! Basically everything to be honest! xx

  2. dianne tanner4/23/2014

    eye have this ring

    do you see what i did

    DO YOU

  3. Charlotte Lucy Philpotts4/23/2014

    love the eyeball ring - I think I have a slight obsession coming too... x

  4. Isutave Isutave5/11/2014

    i have this problem too! even trying hard to save and there seems a way money goes to something new -whether is cosmetics, clothes, bags, shoes or books.............constant battle!


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