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{ serum | palette | perfume | print | spray | plant } I want to decorate everything lately; we have a few framed prints up in ...

{ serum | palette | perfume | print | spray | plant }

I want to decorate everything lately; we have a few framed prints up in the apartment already but the studio is looking incredibly bare. I like the idea of hanging prints using clips instead of frames (like this), which makes switching things up a lot easier. I've already purchased this Twin Peaks print and a wonky drawing by Faye Moorhouse but I really want some leafy, palm plants and I'm in desperate need of new storage.. and who really needs an excuse to shop for new stationery?

I have utterly fallen in love with Jo Malone Amber and Patchouli perfume and I think a new palette might make a lovely accompaniment as a gift to myself for my 30th birthday, which is quickly approaching..

It's getting super hot in our apartment now summer has (kind of) arrived; This Works In Transit Spray On Moisture looks perfect for those sweltering days, it prevents irritation while calming and hydrating - perfect. Reading too many beauty books has meant I am convinced I need some kind of anti-aging skin care; the John Masters Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum appears to have a more gentler approach with its "natural" ingredients so I would be curious to see how it works.

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  1. Love the print! The lettering is so nice.

  2. I love the Twin Peaks print! I haven't tried that particular John Masters skincare product, but everything I've purchased from the brand has worked really well :)

  3. The john masters serum is good, it didn't do anything drastic for my skin but it was hydrating, smelt nice and applied really nicely. It did finish extremely quickly but I was using it day and night.

  4. Amelia Hu6/16/2014

    The palette looks gorgeous! And palm plants are one of my favorite ways to decorate. It brightens up a room nicely, and adds a pop of color. I had a 10 ft palm tree in my last apartment, and it was my favorite piece of "decor".

  5. We already have quite a few plants in the house.. but I want something BIG and loads more for the studio.

  6. Hydration was really what I was after, maybe I'll try it, I don't know.

  7. It's REALLY lovely and will look perfect in our kitchen.

  8. It really is lovely :))


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