Tokyo Vlog: Part Two

The second vlog from our Tokyo trip. Watch part one and subscribe for more of this nonsense.

The second vlog from our Tokyo trip.
Watch part one and subscribe for more of this nonsense.

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  1. Rebecca P.2/15/2015

    Such an amazing experience! You are truly living a full and rich life my friend! XOXO

  2. This video is amazing ! Seems like you had an incredible experience. It made me really want to go to Tokyo


  3. Erin Kurt2/16/2015

    Such wonderful experiences! Can I ask, what camera did you use to film? It was great clarity and not shaky :)

  4. It's a Sony RX100M3 - The photographs are super clear and the colours are wicked plus it has some awesome features like being able to send pictures from the camera to your phone :)) Jack shoots and edits the entire vlog so I don't know much about the camera's specs, etc.

  5. It was PHENOMENAL.

  6. Thank you - not a day goes by that I don't remind myself how fortunate I am.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing these! Tokyo looks incredible and you guys had some amazing adventures. What happened on that scary theme park ride? I can't do roller coasters or haunted houses, so I wouldn't have even tried. :P

  8. Love the quote "sophie looks like a toddler" hahahahaha!!
    THE OWLS - WOW! There's a load of country shows near us through summer, that always have an owl sanctuary stand the cafe shoots!
    Fab Vlog!!


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