A Breakdown of My Minimal Wardrobe

Limpet Face Bag Vintage Shirt There's nothing quite like counting up exactly how much we own to make us realise how much excess we h...

My Minimal Wardrobe Break Down

Limpet Face Bag
Vintage Shirt

There's nothing quite like counting up exactly how much we own to make us realise how much excess we have in our lives. Cataloging every item in my wardrobe was a useful way of seeing exactly what I have, where the gaps are, and all the things I could do without. I can now see more clearly the way I like to dress and how I can improve on that.

This is a right-here-right-now, current breakdown of my minimal wardrobe; there are a lot of pieces I'm side eyeing and planning to remove or replace. I’ve noticed a shift in my personal style over the past few months, which means I need to do a little extra wardrobe cleansing. I feel as though I'm still clinging onto certain pieces because they're useful but not necessarily in keeping with my changing personal style.


• Coats •
All Saints Nahara Trench
Vintage St. Michael's Black Coat
COS Navy Swing Coat
Joules Waterproof Raincoat
Harve Benard Cropped Wool Coat

• Jackets •
The Whitepepper Mustard Jacket*
Jacques Vert Longline Blazer
Principles Patterned Blazer
Vintage Embroidered Velvet Jacket
Monki Swing Jacket
The Whitepepper Polka Dot Wool Coat


• Jumpers •
Monki Wide Necked Jumper
Tough Luck Sweatshirt
Vintage Glitter Jumper
The Whitepeper Onigiri Striped Jumper*
Monki Turtleneck Jumper

• Cardigans •
COS Black Cardigan
Vintage Houndstooth Cardigan
Vintage Longline Navy Cardigan
Country Collection Maroon Cardigan
Wolford Waves Cardigan*


• Work Wear •
Monki Shirt Dress
COS Sheer Shirt Dress
Monki Cotton Smock
The Whitepepper Smock
M&S Cowl Neck Sweater Dress

• Smart Dresses •
COS Pleated Back Dress
COS Dress With Tie Waist
Ivana Helsinki Dot Dress
Ivana Helsinki Patterned Dress
Monki Sequinned Shoulder Dress
COS Sleeveless V-Neck Dress
COS A-Line Dress


• Heels •
Kurt Geiger Miss KG Wedge Courts

• Boots •
Monki Ankle Boots
Chelsea Boots with Maroon Detail
Clarks Desert Boots*

• Flats •
Clarks Brogues*
Dr Martens Adrian
Dr Martens Polley
Wills T-Bar Loafers
Monki Eye Slipper Shoes
ASOS Milan Pointed Flats
ASOS Pom Pom Flats

• Sandals •
Monki Strap Sandals
Birkenstock Arizona

• Watches •
All Black Klarf Watch*
Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield*
Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol*
Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes*
Shore Projects Whitstable*
Shore Projects Barra*
JORD Fieldcrest Maple*
Timex 80

• Belts •
ASOS Black Belt
GANT Navy Pony Belt*
Vintage Black Leather Belt

• Bags •
Ted Baker Resin Clutch Bag
Boden Sophia Bag*
Vintage Handbag
Chiltern Satchel
Limpet Small Face Handbag
The Whitepepper Furry Face Bag*
Kanken Mini
Zana Embroidered Clutch*
• Everyday Dresses •
The Whitepepper Navy Dress With Frilled Collar
The Whitepepper Velvet Face Dress
The Whitepepper Constellation Dress
Monki Midi Dress
The Whitepepper Face Dress
The Whitepepper Sleeveless Frilled Dress
The Whitepepper Keyhole Back Dress
ASOS Velvet Polka Dot Dress

• Shirts/Tops •
Velvet Top
COS White Pleated Shirt
COS Navy Pleated Top
Vintage Black Shirt
Vintage Polka Dot Shirt
Vintage Pink Shirt
Vintage Cream Shirt
2 x Vintage Embroidered Collar Shirt
Vintage White Shirt
Vintage Long Collar Shirt
Vintage Button Up Back Shirt
Vintage Frilled White Shirt
Muji Gray Shirt Dress

• Skirts •
Vintage Navy Midi Skirt
Vintage Fabrice Karel Bodycon Skirt

Gym, beach, and lounge wear; undergarments, glasses, jewellery, and seasonal items have been omitted from this list for brevity.
Some of the items featured on this list are gifted items.

My minimal wardrobe may look a little unconventional. I almost exclusively wear dresses, occasionally a skirt (although it's rare) and I do not wear trousers, ever. I don't own a single pair, the closest thing in my wardrobe are leggings, which are strictly for yoga, and I never, ever, ever wear loungewear anywhere except at home. What constitutes loungewear to me are maxi dresses; I just don't feel comfortable in sweatpants.

The point I'm trying to make is: minimal wardrobes are far from boring or regimental. They are what you make them. When you bring your own personal take on the idea of a "minimal wardrobe" that's when things get interesting. You don't need anyone to tell you what basics you need or what the "essential" items everyone should own are. Figure out what works for your lifestyle and find the clothes that suit it.

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