Checking In

A lot has been going on around here lately and I thought I would check in with you, tell you where I’m at right now, where my focus is, ...

Checking In

A lot has been going on around here lately and I thought I would check in with you, tell you where I’m at right now, where my focus is, and give you an update on where this space is heading before taking a break for the holiday period.

Due to some health issues and a heavy workload with migrating the shop, launching new jewellery designs, starting a new blog, and battling two inboxes - I’ve been struggling to keep up. I used to have a month’s worth of content scheduled and ready to go, the blog was ticking along nicely at a manageable pace and I felt I had a good work-blog-life balance going on. Not so much lately. I’ve been scrambling to pull things together and I’ve realised I need some headspace, I need a moment to catch my breathe and press reset. You can’t do everything all the time and that’s OK.

The Shop

Most of my energy has been devoted to Oh My Clumsy Heart recently. The migration to a new host has made my behind-the-scenes workload a lot easier but there’s still a ton of work to do and it’s draining all my time - in the most enjoyable way. I’m really focused on creating content for the new blog - the Journal - and there are a lot of launches I’m working on for the new year. I’m excited to get my head down and focus on the job I am crazy passionate about.

The Blog

There’s so much on my plate finding time to properly invest in content has become a challenge. I want blogging to be fun again and right now it’s not. I’m refocusing my intentions and bringing this space back to a more personal and authentic state.

I’m devoted to shaping this blog into a space that inspires people to simplify their lives and their style through achievable minimalism; showcasing independent brands and makers from around the world, and encouraging people to shop local, buy handmade, and support independent makers. I’m still learning, it’s an on-going process, and I’m hoping to share that journey with everyone who visits.

Catchy SEO-friendly titles might bring in the page views but they’re not satisfying to the soul. I wasn’t happy with a lot of old content, it wasn’t a true reflection of what I want this space to be about. Quite a lot of posts have been removed - mostly business and general creative advice - for all kinds of reasons. Old beauty reviews, hauls, and irrelevant lifestyle posts have also been given the boot.

It’s too easy to become bogged down with the numbers and strategies, which make you lose sight of getting the work done. While it’s a good habit to run through a checklist before posting, the self-imposed standards had me stressing over minor details, which has prevented me from sharing on a personal level. I’ve decided to pause the schedule and take two weeks off over Christmas to give myself room to breathe, time to prepare for the new year, and a moment to regroup my intentions; refocusing my attention on this space so the content I share is intentional and I can connect with you all on a more personal level.

Have a wonderful break for the holiday, I can’t wait to see you all in the new year.

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