Muji Purchases

Muji Purchases

Hanging Travel Washbag
Clear Brush Case
Tin Candle (Pomelo and Lychee)
Aluminium Foldaway Mirror

I am going on holiday very soon and there are a couple of holiday essentials I was in desperate need of - specifically a decent washbag and brush case. Plus a couple of not so holiday related items like a pocket mirror (do you have any idea how hard life is without a mirror in your pocket?) and something you burn that smells good.

Muji just gets everything right, from concept to design. I've never really needed to pick up much for holidays before so I've never ventured into their travel accessory range, I usually just stare at the homeware and stationary longingly. But they really have thought of everything - these clear cases for brushes are perfect and they have a whole heap of useful products in this range.

I bought the large size travel washbag so I could squeeze in a few extra bits, but there is a small version that would double up as a very handy cosmetic bag for everyday use. There are all kinds of pockets and compartments with little elasticated sections and plenty of room. I like everything to be neat and tidy, so thanks Muji - you did good.

I really like Muji's aluminium product range, the design is just so clean and simple. I already own a card holder from this range, they are super hardy little things and real nice looking. The pocket mirror is ideal for travel - the cover folds back on itself so it can stand alone and the mirror itself is a good size.

Muji used to make a really delicious smelling cranberry and raspberry tin candle, I guess it was a limited edition because I haven't seen it for years. The only one I found appealing in-store was the pomelo and lychee scented candle - it smells sweet and fresh in the tin but when it's burning I don't like it so much. It just smells like disappointment in a tin.

Are you a fan of Muji's "no brand" branding?
Any items you think I should look out for?

Muji Purchases