Sephora Purchases

Sephora Purchases

Sephora Smudge Shadow Brush
Sephora Retractable Eyeliner (10 Matte Brown/Black)
Sephora Eyebrow Pencil (02 Brown)
Sephora Crayon Jumbo (04 Taupe)
Sephora Crayon Jumbo (05 Beige)
Mavala Bouclier de l'Ongle Renforcement des Ongles en 2 Phases
NARS Cream Blush (Penny Lane)

Since the majority of brands stocked by Sephora can easily be found elsewhere, whether on the high street or online, my trip to one of their Paris based branches had more to do with satisfying curiosity than the desire for a particular product.

Instead of purchasing readily available and already familiar brands I opted to select a few I definitely couldn't buy back at home - Sephora own brand products. I chose a smudge shadow brush, a dark brown retractable eyeliner, a brown eyebrow pencil, and two jumbo crayons in taupe and beige. Whilst I found some of the Sephora products really stood out (specifically the new crayon range), their eye shadows were a little disappointing.

The battle with my nails has been an ongoing, seemingly never ending, struggle. I picked up Mavala Nail Shield, a two step nail strengthening treatment containing nylon fibers to help reinforce the nails, a product I'd heard very little about and one of the few treatments I haven't yet tried. (Rimmel Stronger just isn't cutting, in case you're wondering.)

I have been debating purchasing Penny Lane for months and finally coming face to face with the gorgeous packaging at Sephora was all I needed to commit to buying it. My local NARS counter is miles away so up until now I'd never had the chance to see a NARS product in real life let alone buy one (shocking right?) Seeing a lot of the "must-have" products up close and testing a few out left me with a few question marks over their almost cult like status but I might leave that for another post..

What are your favourite Sephora products?