Where Does the Money Go?

Where Does The Money Go?

Only owning one really good product for each beauty need is better than owning a hundred mediocre ones. However, if keeping a compact collection is a little too hard to handle, the trick is to prioritise your purchases.


Where Does The Money Go?


I don’t think there is anything better than taking care of your skin. I look forward to the end of the day when I can remove all my make-up and cover myself head to toe in delicious skin care products. Long working hours and being a natural born worrier means I can become pretty stressed. Dedicating a little time each day to follow a skin care routine helps me unwind and relax, something I think is super important and not worth skimping on.

Brands to Buy: REN, Origins, & Clarins


If you want nice hair you have to pay for it. This includes going to a good salon; I’ve been going to the same one for years and I only let two people come anywhere near me with a pair of scissors. Cheap products might mask the problem but expensive ones will help nourish your hair.

Brands to Buy: Pureology, Ojon, & Redken

MAKE-UP: Highlighters, Blushers, & Lipsticks

Some products you simply have to swallow the price tag for. I’m pale so I need a little help with bringing colour (and life) to my face; having a good highlighter is essential for illuminating the skin and achieving a glowing complexion. Blushers are as equally important. There are some good drugstore products out there but nothing matches a finely milled high-end blusher that lasts all day. Lipsticks aren’t essential although I do think owning a single “this goes with everything” lipstick is very important. Cheaper lip products might do for daily wear yet wearing a lipstick that makes you feel fierce should be a part of everyone’s beauty box.

Brands to Buy: Christian Dior, NARS, & Yves Saint Laurent


Where Does The Money Go?


OK so I would totally recommend not skimping on the time and effort you put into keeping your nails looking sharp, that includes purchasing a crystal nail file (it’ll change your life). When it comes to nail varnishes, put down those high-end bottles and pick up a drugstore brand instead. If you’re anything like me your nail colour might change every day of the week (I will never abide by chipped nails), so £15+ nail polishes that you’ll wipe off when you get bored should have no place in your collection. I allow myself the occasional purchase of old (and pricey) favourites, apart from that I stick to high street aisles and the delights of Barry M. It’s all you need, trust me.

Brands to Buy: Barry M, Rimmel, & Bourjois


This is kind of a lie, I don’t think you should ever buy really cheap brushes like those nasty packs you can buy in Poundland, yet I do think you should avoid the stupidly expensive ones. I’m talking the Real Techniques and EcoTools price range. Personally I avoid “natural hair” (animal hair) brushes and stick with synthetic bristles, I find they are softer, easier to wash, and quick to dry plus they don’t tend to be as ludicrously expensive.

Brands to Buy: EcoTools, RealTechniques, & Bdellium

MAKE-UP: Eye Liner, Brow Products, & Eye Shadows

I just don’t think any of these are really worth it; if you have a good eye primer or base pretty much anything will stick to it. I don’t find the need or see the benefit of spending crazy loads on eye shadows. Same applies to eye liner and brow products; brow gel seems silly (stick a little Homeoplasmine or Vaseline on it why don’t you?) and most high-street brands produce good enough products you wouldn’t notice the difference between them and something that made you cry as you handed the money over.

Brands to Buy: Maybelline, E.L.F. & Sleek

Where does your money go?