Where Does the Money Go?

August 14, 2013

Where Does The Money Go?

Only owning one really good product for each beauty need is better than owning a hundred mediocre ones. However, if keeping a compact collection is a little too hard to handle, the trick is to prioritise your purchases.


Where Does The Money Go?


I don’t think there is anything better than taking care of your skin. I look forward to the end of the day when I can remove all my make-up and cover myself head to toe in delicious skin care products. Long working hours and being a natural born worrier means I can become pretty stressed. Dedicating a little time each day to follow a skin care routine helps me unwind and relax, something I think is super important and not worth skimping on.

Brands to Buy: REN, Origins, & Clarins


If you want nice hair you have to pay for it. This includes going to a good salon; I’ve been going to the same one for years and I only let two people come anywhere near me with a pair of scissors. Cheap products might mask the problem but expensive ones will help nourish your hair.

Brands to Buy: Pureology, Ojon, & Redken

MAKE-UP: Highlighters, Blushers, & Lipsticks

Some products you simply have to swallow the price tag for. I’m pale so I need a little help with bringing colour (and life) to my face; having a good highlighter is essential for illuminating the skin and achieving a glowing complexion. Blushers are as equally important. There are some good drugstore products out there but nothing matches a finely milled high-end blusher that lasts all day. Lipsticks aren’t essential although I do think owning a single “this goes with everything” lipstick is very important. Cheaper lip products might do for daily wear yet wearing a lipstick that makes you feel fierce should be a part of everyone’s beauty box.

Brands to Buy: Christian Dior, NARS, & Yves Saint Laurent


Where Does The Money Go?


OK so I would totally recommend not skimping on the time and effort you put into keeping your nails looking sharp, that includes purchasing a crystal nail file (it’ll change your life). When it comes to nail varnishes, put down those high-end bottles and pick up a drugstore brand instead. If you’re anything like me your nail colour might change every day of the week (I will never abide by chipped nails), so £15+ nail polishes that you’ll wipe off when you get bored should have no place in your collection. I allow myself the occasional purchase of old (and pricey) favourites, apart from that I stick to high street aisles and the delights of Barry M. It’s all you need, trust me.

Brands to Buy: Barry M, Rimmel, & Bourjois


This is kind of a lie, I don’t think you should ever buy really cheap brushes like those nasty packs you can buy in Poundland, yet I do think you should avoid the stupidly expensive ones. I’m talking the Real Techniques and EcoTools price range. Personally I avoid “natural hair” (animal hair) brushes and stick with synthetic bristles, I find they are softer, easier to wash, and quick to dry plus they don’t tend to be as ludicrously expensive.

Brands to Buy: EcoTools, RealTechniques, & Bdellium

MAKE-UP: Eye Liner, Brow Products, & Eye Shadows

I just don’t think any of these are really worth it; if you have a good eye primer or base pretty much anything will stick to it. I don’t find the need or see the benefit of spending crazy loads on eye shadows. Same applies to eye liner and brow products; brow gel seems silly (stick a little Homeoplasmine or Vaseline on it why don’t you?) and most high-street brands produce good enough products you wouldn’t notice the difference between them and something that made you cry as you handed the money over.

Brands to Buy: Maybelline, E.L.F. & Sleek

Where does your money go?

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  1. Celina8/14/2013

    I totally agree with this although I do buy higher-end eye liners for sure because I haven't found a gel liner that stays put better than my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. People say that the Maybelline one is very similar but I did not find the same results, unfortunately. Perhaps I got a faulty one though so I might just try it again to see.

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  2. I am a convert to higher end eyeshadows as they just seem to blend better and stay longer on my eyes, no matter the base. I also don't spend loads on hair products, as I don't heat style my hair that often and it stays in good condition. I like how you've given a few good brands for each category!

  3. lydia2608/14/2013

    I spend the most on my skin - I don't wear lots of makeup and my logic is that if my skin looks pristine, I don't need to spend as much on makeup. I bought my first Origins cleanser yesterday after the consultant recommended it - still not sure about it but it does really brighten my skin.

  4. roshkud8/14/2013

    I totally agree that you should spend on skincare and save on makeup, whats the point of good makeup if you don't have good skin! :). Pureology is a brand I really want to try, just don't yet feeel I can afford it!


  5. covetingnow8/14/2013

    i totally agree with you! skincare is something that i always splurge on. it feels good to have great skin :)

  6. Definitely agree! I also think you usually have to splash out on foundation too, because most cheap products are yellowy-toned, which don't suit my pink tones at all!

  7. The Maybelline one is SO GOOD. I've used Blacktrack and I found it wasn't worth the price tag.

  8. I do own high end eyeshadows, I just don't think they're essential for me. My skin isn't oily at all and with the MAC paint pot as a base every single eye shadow I own works perfectly. I think it also makes a difference what colours you opt for, I'm a nude-brown-pink kind of girl and I like my eyes to be subtle. If you're looking for a bit of an impact with loud or smokey colours I'm thinking high end is probably a better option.

  9. Exactly this. I spend a lot of money making sure my skin looks good BEFORE the make-up goes onto it.

  10. EXACTLY. Definitely try Pureology, it's worth every penny.

  11. Yep, and it makes you feel wicked too.

  12. Ah, see, I kind of agree and disagree. I think if you're into gel/liquid foundation then YES, high end is the way to go. But I use mineral powder and although I'm currently using Laura Mercier's mineral foundation (which is amazing BY THE WAY) my usual Lily Lolo (£12 a pot) is PERFECT. It's low price but it isn't low quality.

    Also: I have the opposite problem. My skin isn't YELLOW but it does have yellow undertones and most foundation is too pink for me. I'm also P A L E so everything is always so dark.

  13. See I'm oil central and my cheaper shadows never seem to stand the time test. I'm a neutral lover too and single shadows from the high street seem to be ok, but I haven't really found any quads or palettes I'm crazy about. Any suggestions?

  14. I have yet to find the perfect palette regardless of the price tag. Urban Decay's Basics palette is the only one that's come close, but even then there's one shade I never touch.

    Like yourself I usually stick to picking up individual shades. The Revlon (mini) palette is OK but it's not great, the shades are too shimmery for me. I guess I'll keep hunting.

  15. dianne tanner8/14/2013

    I'm currently looking for a really, really good light day moisturiser with SPF in it. Help me?

  16. Parisian To Be8/14/2013

    This was such a lovely post! I completely agree with the quality over quantity statement. On the other hand, it's partly the reason why I spend so darn much on beauty products. I used to use all drugstore haircare products, but I've made the switch and am reaping the benefits. Alas, I'll reconsider my beauty purchases!

    xo Lillian from parisiantobe.com

  17. Madeline Murray8/14/2013

    This is such a great post. I often wonder which products I shouldn't bother shelling out the big bucks on so this was really helpful. Also I keep trying out cheaper highlighters and they are all awful so overall I would have saved more money just buying a high quality one off the bat. Oh well you live and learn. I'm off to buy a Jouer highlighter now ! Hahah. xoxo

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  18. Celina8/14/2013

    Now I really think I got a faulty one. The biggest problem with mine was that it wasn't pigmented. I should definitely try again.

  19. OK so I rely on my mineral foundation when it comes to SPF because the Norwegian Formula Comfort Balm doesn't have it BUT since I love this product so much I would totally recommend trying their day cream?


    OR I would suggest going for an Origins moisturiser because that is totally what I would do if I was looking for one with SPF. "A Perfect World" looks wicked - lightweight, oil free, anti-aging (I'm not saying you're old Danner but IT DOESN'T HURT TO PREPARE), and SPF 25.


  20. Ha! Cheap highlighters really are terrible.

  21. Definitely try it again. When I bought the brown version I hated it.. and after a few tries I started to really like it and now I wouldn't be without it.

    I find dipping the brush right into the gel, making sure there is a ton of product on there and then wiping it against the edge of the pot really packs the product on but lets you apply it without getting messy. I do find the first couple of uses with the brush can result in a REALLY thin application, once the brush gets a little.. dirty it tends to work better.

  22. Celina8/14/2013

    Thanks for the tips! I own a MAC 210 brush that I use for eyeliner every day and I might give the Maybelline liner another try with the MAC brush instead... or I could try the dirty brush too. ;)

  23. Fern Richardson8/14/2013

    I love this! Definitely agree about saving on nail polish, I find cheaper ones tend to come in better colours (for the most part anyway). I need to get myself some nice blushers too.

  24. CopycatMockingjay8/15/2013

    Philosophy "Take a Deep Breath" in SPF 30 is a pretty good option, but remember that SPF has to be reapplied every 2 hours so putting moisturizer on in the morning will not keep you covered all day. The Peter Thomas Roth powder sunscreen is a good option if you need to reapply later in the day.

  25. CopycatMockingjay8/15/2013

    The Nyx "One Night in Morocco" palette is very good for a low-sparkle neutral basic, and is SHOCKINGLY good for the price. Also Too Faced makes bulky but very cute little box-palettes that come with instructions (love me a step-by-step) and are excellent.

  26. OH that's reminded me, MUA make nice palettes. They are cheap but the pigmentation is pretty good. Also I've heard the Sleek palettes are good, they look nice but I've never purchased one.

  27. AH I don't use animal hair brushes so I wouldn't know about that MAC one, but the brush doesn't have to be actually dirty.. it just needs to be dipped into the product so all the bristles are coated. Otherwise the gel sits on top and doesn't really apply very well.

  28. Thanks guys! Yeah I was eyeing up the Sleek ones, but I've never gotten one either.

  29. Celina8/16/2013

    The MAC 210 is a synthetic brush. The RT Fine Liner brush seems quite similar though but I don't have that one because RT brushes aren't readily available in Canada.

  30. dianne tanner8/30/2013

    errrghhhh I'm re-reading this whilst trying to convince myself to spend £44 on moisturiser - I don't think I can do it!

  31. Ha. Which one did you buy?

  32. I totally don't see the benefit of £15 polish.


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