Inglot Freedom System

Freedom System Palette | 402 | 421 | 390 | 344 | 397

Inglot offers various customisable Freedom Palettes ranging from duos and quads right up to giant palettes that can hold twenty or forty shades or even a combination of various products. The colour range is extraordinary providing every finish imaginable.

I decided on a quad palette with four shades I could wear independently yet also pair together. I ended up selecting five shades - 402, 421, 390, 344, and 397. 421 is an exact duplicate of MAC Sable (a shade I've been lusting after) and is actually far more pigmented; a rich metallic shade that my collection has been sorely missing. 421 is a lighter metallic shade, cooler in tone, and could easily be paired with either 421 for a deep, smokey look or with 390 for a softer finish. 390 is a neutral matte shade for sweeping all across the lid, creating an ideal base colour or worn alone for a natural look. 344 has a dusky pink hue that appears darker on the lid than in the pan, it creates a beautifully subtle finish and could easily be paired with any of the other colours. I also purchased 397, a frosty pink shade, which looks hideously unflattering in the pan yet when swept over the lids creates a beautiful fresh, natural look.

I really like the idea of customising a palette and am thoroughly impressed with Inglot. Each of the shades is richly pigmented, apply beautifully, are easy to blend, and long wearing. The colour choice is absolutely outstanding with no compromise made with pigmentation when it comes to cost. I will definitely be purchasing a larger palette with more shades.. if I can ever decide which ones to buy next.

If you're a little nervous about purchasing 'blind' online, I would recommend visiting Temtalia and making use of the Swatch Gallery.