The Sweet Smell of Success

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After such a long wait, everything appears to be happening all at once; this week we finally received confirmation that our application for an apartment was accepted and as a result I resigned from my current job, deciding (when I relocate) to work full time running Oh My Clumsy Heart.

I am so excited it's unreal. While the apartment has been an on going (three month) process and I have been more than prepared for the inevitable 200 mile move, switching to full time self employment was meant to happen "sometime in the near future" and not quite so suddenly. My heart shouted "if not now then when?" and I followed it.

I have just under three weeks to finalise projects at work, organise the business for the move, pack all my worldly belongings, and say my goodbyes. I have scheduled posts that will hopefully bridge the gap between now and when I'm comfortably replanted in my new surroundings - but if things start getting a little shaky, you know why.

Thank you for all your support ♥