Paul Smith Fairfield Glasses

Paul Smith Fairfield Glasses*

I have to wear my glasses every day because I am super short sighted and although I absolutely adore my vintage frames, it's nice having a couple of options to change with outfits. Unfortunately my older frames now contain outdated prescriptions and a lot of opticians refuse to fit lenses in my awesome pair of multicolour vintage frames because they do not have a CE stamp.

So the Paul Smith Fairfield Glasses have become my new substitute; these gorgeous burgundy frames are a nice alternative to, what can be rather harsh, black designs. I steer away from entirely black glasses as they can sit rather heavy on the face and tend to jar rather than compliment facial features. These frames feel comfortable and sturdy yet lightweight, with large (but not overly so), slightly squared off lenses. The Paul Smith Fairfield Glasses are very similar in style to my previous pair although slightly smaller in size; a classic design I feel would suit most people.

I had my prescription lenses fitted by Boots, however, Pretavoir would have been happy to do this for me.