Week Notes #2

April 27, 2014

{ Miss. Selfridge Oversized Maroon Cardigan | Oh My Clumsy Heart Eve Necklace | ASOS Lennon Slippers | Christian Dior Lip Glow | Kiko Stick Eyeshadows | Gone Girl Gillian Flynn | Infusium 23 Miracle Therapy Leave-In Serum* }

I have been injecting a little more colour into my daily wardrobe this week with a super old oversized cardigan and a pair of patterned slipper shoes, and I have found myself regularly wearing Eve Necklace (on an extra long chain) because it works so effortlessly with every outfit. The moringa oil serum has been a saviour to my hair and no-fuss products have been keeping my make-up low-maintenance while I have spent all week in the studio preparing pretty things for Crafty Fox. In the stolen spare moments, I have been preoccupied with reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and it is amazing.

Other things:
| these functional and flexible objects for small spaces
| 7 things to stop worrying about
| the launch of a new online magazine
| this dress
| and this one
| something to hang them on
| this cookbook
| these mini cakes
| and this plate to put them on

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  1. I really love the simplicity of your blog and your photos. Do you think you could do a post about how you take your photos? They are lovely.


  2. I've never tried the Kiko eye sticks, but they look lovely. What shades are these?

    Tiny Alis

  3. I have always been a big fan of your Kobo photographs :) I have one as well and you just encourage me not to neglect it.

  4. Thank you :)) I love my Kobo; I have a collection of books but the Kobo means I can read anything, anywhere, at any time and I don't have to worry about space!

  5. Light Taupe and Rosy Brown - really lovely colours! :))

  6. I am not a fan of photography posts.. but I can tell you what I use/do :)) I use a Canon 550d and occasionally a Canon G12, I shoot in natural light (underneath a window, on an overcast day or when the light is 'softer', and on a flat white surface), and I use Adobe Photoshop to edit the photographs. White surfaces tend to require a bit of tweaking because it can appear discoloured depending on lighting, etc.

    I hope that helps!


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