21 Things I Have Learned From One Year of Blogging

1. Remember why you started
2. Focus on what matters
3. Write for yourself
4. But bear your readers in mind
5. Do not make presumptions about what people will find interesting
6. It can become a chore (if you let it)
7. So remember it is OK to take a break
8. Your blog is your space
9. Be proud of it
10. and only write content to be proud of
11. Do not follow the crowd
12. It is better to be different and stand out
13. Monetize your talent, not your blog
14. Develop your own style
15. Be good at one thing
16. and then grow
17. Share the love unreservedly
18. Ignore the numbers (yours and everyone else's)
19. Do not be tempted to pass opinions off as advice
20. Do not be tempted to judge yourself against others
21. You will meet amazing people and some of those people will become your best friends