Word to the Wise

May 08, 2014

Skin Care
- Eat well
- Drink water
- Do not rely on supplements
- Cleanse, Protect, Exfoliate, and Moisturise
- Learn about your skin type and what that means
- Bear it in mind when purchasing new products
- Sensitive skin is a condition not a skin type
- Always protect your skin against the sun
- Apply an SPF every day
- Apply it to exposed areas, not just your face
- Along with a separate moisturiser
- Apply moisturiser in circular upward movements
- Buy good washcloths
- Don't forget to wash them
- Wash your hands before cleansing
- Cleanse properly
- Cleanse twice (if you wear SPF, which you should)
- Stop touching your face so much
- Leave spots alone, they will sort themselves out
- Don't forget your feet

- Less is more
- Look for make-up with added SPF (but never rely on it)
- Apply make-up in circular downward movements
- Wear make-up only for as long as necessary
- Give your skin a day off from make-up
- Never ever ever go to sleep without removing make-up
- Thoroughly wash your brushes weekly
- Spot clean your brushes daily
- Change your pillow case regularly
- Use a clean brush to apply concealer to blemishes
- Regularly clean your make-up products and storage

- Quality not quantity
- Price tags can lie
- Learn to read the ingredients list
- Natural doesn't automatically mean better
- Or that you won't react
- Opinions are different from facts
- Be wary of hype

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  1. "Words from the Wise" Thanks a lot Sophie you summed everything up really well.

    Nail Fix for Summer | http://theconsciencefund.com

  2. I'm 100% agree with "Natural doesn't automatically mean better". The beginning of this year I ordered Organic Surge cleanser, day moisturizer, and night moisturizer and since then my skin hasn't been good. I thought that there's no way my pimples are caused by those three products since they are natural but after I ran out of them, my skin has been clearing up. Only took me four months to realize... The sad truth.

  3. karen_5/08/2014

    Great post, thanks for sharing! :)



  4. Ooo! Loving these tips as I have only, sadly, recently started to take a vested interest in my skincare, the products I use and their ingredient list.

    Mo x// Within My Locket

  5. "Price tags can lie" - definitely. Just because you pay more, it doesn't mean the ingredients or actual product is better- companies are greedy!

  6. Thank you for the tips! Indeed skincare comes first, make up is an accessory!


  7. Samantha Manzella5/08/2014

    You're so so right about not sleeping in your makeup...my mom and sister do that all the time, and it makes me cringe. If you're going to take the time to make yourself up, you should always take the time to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin.

    - Samantha

  8. Love this post. These things are definitely things we all need to be reminded about!

  9. Love how to the point this is. Everyone needs a reminder of these things sometimes!
    Laura x FloraLoo Two

  10. Great reminders! I wonder why you need to cleanse twice when you wear SPF, though? Do they tend to leave a residue?

  11. A great list! My advice is to be careful with SPF- it might cause breakouts (I just keep SPF in my moisturizer)

  12. The reason why SPF causes breakouts tends to be because people do not cleanse properly, therefore a residue is left behind causing irritation the skin.

  13. Yes, it leaves a residue/is harder to remove with just one cleanse, which is why people think they are allergic and/or sensitive to SPF and that it causes breakouts. If you cleanse properly SPF shouldn't cause a problem.

  14. I don't know how people an do it! I have come in rather.. er, "worse for wear" and I have ALWAYS taken my make-up off. It just feels uncomfortable after a while.

  15. Such a perfect quote!

  16. For sure. This is why I am so against the whole "drugstore vs. high end" snobbery that goes on. Despite the fact that there are surely more categories than "drugstore" and "high end" (what about 'hard to get but not expensive brands'? or online only brands?), just because something costs a lot of money doesn't mean it is "worth" it. I know sometimes I have bought things at ridiculous prices because they look nice, which is fine, people can spend money how they want.. but I am really against the idea that "more expensive = BETTER"

  17. It's never too late! :))

  18. I use a lot of genuinely natural products (natural oils like coconut and almond oil) without breaking out and I am really proactive in encouraging people to try them. What I am really against are companies who claim they are natural and organic when they are not at all, it's misleading to the consumer.

  19. Yes, it's important to know what is really inside the product. Just because the label says natural, it doesn't necessarily mean it's legit natural, sadly. Now I'm working my way to use genuinely natural products like you said. I need to stop blindly trust solely what the label says.

  20. lisa robb5/09/2014

    So true. Great post!
    L x

  21. Water really is the best thing for your skin since I've been drinking the recommended amount a day it has done wonder for my skin.

  22. Great post, super helpful always good to go back to basics :). With skincare i recently stripped back on the products I use and I've stopped with manual exfoliating my skins never looked better :D x


  23. I wouldn't agree there. I get breakouts after a few hours of wearing SPF. Many chemical spf's have a lot of fillers in them, and some react with the sun.

    I'm actually having troble with even natural SPF's :/

  24. Thanks for this tips, great post! xx



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