Creating A Capsule Make-Up Collection

After threatening to use it or lose it I finally decided it was time to ditch all that make-up I never use. There is something to be said for a pared down collection of beauty essentials; it is really refreshing to be able to reach for any item in my beauty supply and know they all work well together.

In the same way I have been minimising my wardrobe by utilising the 5 piece wardrobe technique, I have been working on creating a minimal beauty collection with a similar ethos.

1. Consider your needs. Work out what you need and what you want.
2. Check ingredients. Learn which ingredients work for you and which to avoid.
3. Allow a little room for frivolity. You might not need something but it's OK to splurge occasionally.
4. Create a 'bare essentials' routine. Keep it simple and effective.
5. Keep a budget. Give yourself guidelines and stick to them.
6. Create a signature look. Buy within boundaries to limit wasteful purchases.
7. Stay organised. Organise products by how often you use them (daily, weekly, monthly) & make them accessible.

- Assess your natural skin and hair and buy accordingly
- Write down what you need on a daily basis (it will probably be surprisingly short)
- Compare the ingredients between a product you love and a product you dislike
- Prevent overspending by limiting spontaneous purchases to only one highly coveted product type
- Create wishlists as visual reminders of potential purchases
- Decide on a set of rules about which products are worth spending more money on (and which are not)
- Multipurpose products are your friends