Day Tripping

June 05, 2014

1. Mini Kanken
2. Camera
3. Umbrella
4. Notebook*
5. Pen
6. Crystal Nail File
7. The Body Shop Aloe Lip Care
8. Muji Pocket Mirror
9. Baby Wipes
10. Kobo eReader
11. La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water*
12. Laidbare Hand Cream*
13. Móa The Green Balm
14. Vitamin B12 tablets
15. Christian Dior Lip Glow

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  1. Ago Prime6/05/2014

    cute post!

  2. Marsya Jauzi6/05/2014

    great picture ! safe trip ! xo

  3. Vi Tran6/05/2014

    I absolutely ADORE your blog! Very clean, very chic, very enjoyable. Thank you!

  4. That Notebook is the most adorable thing ever!

  5. I must ask, what are the B12 Vitamins for?


  6. I'm intrigued by the Christian Dior Lip Glow and you seem to love it. I'm the type who usually wears 2-3 lip products at once (balm, color, and gloss), so do you think I would be happy with this by itself?

  7. Love the compact bag, and that camera looks perfect for days out - quality yet easy to carry :)
    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

  8. Simone6/06/2014

    perfect! was just planning a daytrip for tomorrow!

  9. I adore your style of blogging--everything from the layout of your photography to your ideas. Thanks for constantly inspiring me! I'm eying one of those Fjallraven Kanken backpacks for myself too. :)

    - Sam,

  10. I think I can help to answer that, as my body doesn't absorb vitamin B12 so I have to get it injected. Basically it's a vitamin that provides us with energy. When my B12 levels are low I can't really move at all, I feel so exhausted and sick and have to stay in bed. Even my eyes are sore and tired, I can't read or watch TV, it's quite extreme! B12 is so important but surprisingly a lot of people don't really know about it.

  11. So basically it's like a natural energy boost?

  12. I take B12 because I have plant-based/vegan diet; B12 is super important for everyone, if a person becomes B12 deficient it can have enormous health implications. B12 helps the brain and nervous system function correctly and without it, it can be fatal. B12 isn't a reserve the body can naturally replenish, so those who eat a plant-based diet are advised to take B12 supplements to make sure they get enough.

    I eat a varied diet and B12 features in quite a lot of foods, although the most common is meat - which I do not eat, therefore I take the tablets to make sure I consume enough. People who do not eat a varied diet (whether vegan or not) are also advised to take B12 supplements because it is so important for the body.

    I hope that helps! :))

  13. Ahh gotcha! Thank you for explaining!

  14. Thank you so much! :))

  15. Where are you going? Did you have a good time?

  16. It really is! I take it whenever I don't want to lug my "big camera" around :))

  17. Personally, yes. I can't speak for anyone else but I love the ease of using only one product.

  18. I love them so much :))

  19. Thank you so much!


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