Week Notes #8

June 22, 2014

{ working in the studio }

{ these shoes and this necklace }

{ early morning reading }

other things:
| the blank cookbook
| red wine vinaigrette
| 20 kitchen hacks
| creatures of the sea
| birthday gift guide

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  1. Oh is that your Kobo case? If so it's very nice :)

  2. Maristella6/22/2014

    Leather shoes? I thought you were a vegan...

  3. I have a plant based diet, I don't associate myself with the label 'vegan.' I also don't have to explain my ethical or moral decisions to anyone since they affect no one except myself. Live and let live.

  4. Yes! Paperchase :)) it is a perfect fit

  5. Sorry if I sounded defensive; from my point of view your comment came across as condescending. I am not against people being curious and asking questions but your comment would have come across less condescending if you'd simply asked "are you vegan?" and been a little clearer as to what you were asking. If you'd initially replied with your second comment there wouldn't have been any confusion.

    I am sure loads of people have conflicting moral and ethical choices. Some people eat meat but won't eat rabbits because they consider them pets, I find that a conflicting ethical/moral decision but I don't critique someone for it. It's their choice to eat it or not.

    I'm not vegan but I have a plant based diet and I try not to buy products containing animal ingredients or products such as leather/wool/silk/etc. but if it's second hand then I don't have a problem with it. I have a problem funding the market for goods using animal products; if I buy second hand or am gifted items, this does not fund the demand for these goods therefore I am OK with using them.

  6. Wow... uh... I like your blog but this little tirade is a bit unsettling. I didn't find Maristella's original comment condescending at all. Rather, she sounded perplexed, and ended her statement with an ellipses, essentially inviting you to respond.

  7. "Tirade" is a little over blown. I found the comment a little rude and I explained why, I also apologised for responding in a defensive manner. I think we both got our wires crossed and neither of us phrased our comments in quite the right way.

  8. nueyork6/23/2014

    Those pieces are stunning! I love rough looking crystals, they're so beautiful.


  9. Allison6/24/2014

    Your work is gorgeous! love the jewelry
    Allison from www.mercuteify.com

  10. Such a lovely compliment, thank you :))


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