Clean Up

Everyone knows how important it is to regularly clean make-up brushes and that amazing feeling you get after they have been freshly washed but how frequently do you clean your make-up products and the storage you keep them in?

Nothing makes my skin crawl more than seeing dirty make-up products so I regularly clean down surfaces, drawers, and the products themselves to make sure everything looks brand new and germ free for as long as possible. I store the bulk of my products in a small filing cabinet, with each drawer dedicated to different products: make-up, skin-, hair-, and nail-care along with storage for wash cloths and a miniature first aid kit. Every month this storage gets completely emptied, disinfected, and washed down, with each individual product getting wiped over using q-tips, baby wipes, and mild soap. Products that don't keep well and can't be cleaned (mascara and doe-foot applicators) get thrown away.

A little bit of upkeep goes a long way; regularly cleaning your products and storage means things tend to last longer, look nicer, and stay organised. It also means you keep on top of those nasty out of date products and nothing ends up festering (long lost and forgotten) in among your storage.

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