9 Lies You've Been Told About Being Creative

1. You can do anything you want | Sometimes you just have to admit you're not very good at somethings and that's OK
2. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery | No, it isn't; emulate don't imitate, know the difference
3. Working all day every day is productive | Well organised working hours is the real key to productivity
4. Instant popularity is a sign of success | Obscurity is good at the start; there is no pressure when you're unknown
5. Quitting your job gives you more time to focus | A job gives you money, a routine, and freedom from financial stress
6. Procrastination is bad | Let your mind wander, it's often the best way to figure ideas out
7. Nothing is original | It's the person not the idea that matters the most
8. You have to wait for inspiration | You have to seek it out: google everything, read books, stay curious
9. Stick to a routine | Some people work well with traditional routines, others don't: find what works for you