Midweek Break

midweek break

Taking regular breaks throughout the day is super important for staying productive at work but my new thing is the midweek break - a rare little luxury that makes the working week that little bit sweeter. Shifting my workload around or switching a day off means I can spare some time during the week to relax and recuperate.

Ways to enjoy a midweek break
- Go out to lunch
- Visit a museum or gallery
- Go on an adventure
- Visit a wildlife park
- Have a picnic
- Visit friends you haven't seen in a while
- Go on a day trip
- Make things

If you can't avoid work during the week, do something you wouldn't normally do on a week day. Even if it's something really simple like watching your favourite film, changing the bed sheets (fresh sheets always feel amazing), cooking an awesome dinner, or switching off from the continuous stream of online content can really help you feel re-energized.