Midweek Break

August 28, 2014

midweek break

Taking regular breaks throughout the day is super important for staying productive at work but my new thing is the midweek break - a rare little luxury that makes the working week that little bit sweeter. Shifting my workload around or switching a day off means I can spare some time during the week to relax and recuperate.

Ways to enjoy a midweek break
- Go out to lunch
- Visit a museum or gallery
- Go on an adventure
- Visit a wildlife park
- Have a picnic
- Visit friends you haven't seen in a while
- Go on a day trip
- Make things

If you can't avoid work during the week, do something you wouldn't normally do on a week day. Even if it's something really simple like watching your favourite film, changing the bed sheets (fresh sheets always feel amazing), cooking an awesome dinner, or switching off from the continuous stream of online content can really help you feel re-energized.

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  1. I'm a big fan of weekday weekends, I actually rarely take the 'weekend' off as Alex tends to work Saturday and Sunday so we just take our weekend in the week which I love as it helps break up my week and when we do head out it's much quieter. Yesterday we spent a few hours in Manchester Art Gallery and it was such a nice break from my work and I feel super recharged to get back to work today!

  2. I work a retail job, so my schedule isn't set & my breaks are usually within the middle of the week. Sometimes I wish I had the weekends off, but then again who does much on a Wednesday? Everything is less busy, which I much prefer. I love that little face mug in your picture, seriously. It's awesome. Is it from Etsy? Is it even a mug, or am I crazy?

    Sofia | palelily.blogspot.com

  3. Natasha Poltorak8/28/2014

    Love this idea! I work a Mon-Fri job, but I love spending my evenings doing something different from the usual commute-dinner-tv-bed routine. I love trying new baking recipes, arranging Skype calls with my family across the world and having an evening picnic (complete with picnic rug & board games)

  4. sometimes I forget how relaxing it is to just block out sometime to read a book! going to the park is also a really great luxury.
    x staygoldrebecca.com

  5. It's impossible to do most of these on a work day and I hate that! The good thing is sunny days are almost here, yay, so I'll be able to do ANYTHING after work: meeting friends, making things at home, taking photographs, woohoo!!

  6. We always try and go out on Thursday nights (for dinner)-it makes the weekend start earlier!

  7. I find sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with work during the week so it's nice to take half a day or a full day just to get out of the apartment/studio and go do something. Jack often works at an event over the weekends and I usually end up doing admin on a Sunday anyway so weekdays are a good way of stealing back some of that lost time.

    Going to art galleries or museums are the best - they totally take your mind away from work!

  8. When I used to work in retail, I first had Wednesdays off but I found because I only had two days off a week, it makes it REALLY hard to get anything done. I felt like I was on a constant loop; having one day off sandwiched between work days made it hard to get anything done. When my day off changed to a Monday it was AMAZING.

    The little pot is made by Kaye Blegvad :))

  9. Making a conscious effort to doing something a little different on the evenings is a really nice way of feeling more relaxed - doing the same thing ever night can really drain your energy!

  10. Yes! I love just sneaky off and reading for a few hours.

  11. I know how hard that can be, when I worked in retail and then in a marketing job, I found it REALLY restricts your time. You barely have time to think sometimes.. but I think that makes it more important to try to "steal back" some time in the evenings. Doing things you usually save for the weekend - going out to dinner, changing the bed sheets (this always feels freaking amazing to me!), or reading your favourite book, really does help.

  12. I love going out to dinner during the week! It feels like such a treat.

  13. Haha, I feel you! I really hate that about my job, it's extremely limiting.
    I love Kaye's stuff! Though the style looked familiar ;)

  14. We recently added an extra day off to our week (since working 6days a week for nearly 18months). Now Monday's off also - and what a way to change routine. It's lovely being off when the majority of the world is in work - feels extra special :)

  15. If I weren't working full time AND freelancing I definitely would love to employ a mid-week break :(

    rae of love from berlin


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