Week Notes #12

August 03, 2014

{ 5,000 ice sculptures }
we were caught taking photographs

other things:
| fruit garland
| bloggers who make money: are they sell-outs?
| mini coconut banana bread doughnuts
| how I feel about blogging
| no-diet diet plan

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  1. I love these tiny sculptures!

  2. nime768/03/2014

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  4. Great reads in the links, as usual. I definitely want to approach blogging more like Daniella does - I think it is easy to start blogging for other people. But I am working on it!
    The ice sculptures are really cool, if not a little eerie!


  5. They were utterly beautiful.

  6. It's definitely easier to blog for popularity than it is respect; I see a lot of people writing posts that are geared more towards getting 'likes' than for the purpose of creating original content. Whatever the reason someone wants to blog (success, fame, respect, whatever) that's up to them, I am more interested in writing about what I am interested in.

  7. Hanh Nguyen Hoang8/04/2014

    The sculptures are very amazing. Sometimes, I can see women and man on this pictures. It looks like as an another little world )

  8. allenrobinson6135118/13/2014

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