Week Notes #14

August 31, 2014

{ mood indigo | like a sad dream }

{ a link between worlds | the reason I haven't read enough this week }

other things:
| diy deodorizing disks
| how to: herb box
| edit your wardrobe
| 8 hard-to-kill houseplants
| a year in style
| how to: terrariums
| 5 truths the fast fashion industry doesn't want you to know
| blogging lessons
| evolution of games

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  1. I love that herb box! i just use glass jars for mine.

  2. I had a Nintendo DS when I was younger and I'm starting to regret selling it! I find myself longing to play Zelda and Super Mario... Great links, by the way!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  3. Herbs don't do so well in my apartment :(( It's super hot in here.

  4. I love my 3DS - this game is wicked :))

  5. OMG Zelda ... that game brings back so many memories of me playing on my SNES in my basement, trying to beat A Link To the Past (which I never did, sadly). I've been thinking of buying a 3DS system but the price is what's putting me off. After reading this post, though, I think I may have to just bite the bullet and order one ;)

  6. chantelle9/05/2014

    Thanks for the "hard to kill" houseplants. Goodness knows I need them.


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