Creating An Inspiring Workspace

September 02, 2014

An inspiring workplace makes for a happy, productive work life so it's important you get the environment right for you.

It's crucial, as a designer-maker, to build an inspiring workspace, tailored to your specific creative needs. Take inspiration from others but don't feel tempted to work the way others work simply because it appeals. I could never have a disheveled work space but that doesn't stop me admiring (and taking tips from) others who do.

Dianne Tanner's workspace is a fantastic example of how a busy environment can inspire.
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I have always admired those cluttered environments with prints framed, taped, and pinned to the walls with irratic abandon; busy shelves, untidy desks, and a sense of deranged unruliness. Organised mess, with plenty of things to look at and books to get stuck in to, has a great appeal to me.

Rachel's workspace is clean and minimal with a distinct personal touch.
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My own personal workspace features a tidy desk, a few plants, minimal artwork, and a strict sense of "everything has its place." Although I always take a minimal approach to decorating my workspace, I see my studio as an always growing, ever evolving room that, given time, will slowly and gradually build a personality.

Whether you decorate all in one go to completion or approach it as a project to be completed over time, here are some ideas on how to create an inspiring workspace.

- de-clutter
- remove or fix broken things
- get adequate and sufficient storage
- give everything a place
- adjust the lighting
- open the windows
- reduce distractions
- keep it tidy

- bulletin boards
- book shelves
- wall art
- use the view
- eclectic collections
- plants
- storage units
- desk or floor lamps

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  1. Such great tips! You all have such wonderful workspaces! Particularly like all of Rachel's plants :)

    Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

  2. An untidy but inspiring workplace is definitely something I love! Your workplace has a very calming and "everything is possible" kinda vibe! :-)


  3. Rachel / ohnorachio9/02/2014

    N'awww thanks so much Sam! :) x

  4. Rachel / ohnorachio9/02/2014

    Thanks Sophie - I am endlessly envious of that INCREDIBLE window in front of your desk - me oh my! The liiiight! Glad you like my little home jungle :) xx

  5. hanerynicola9/02/2014

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  6. I've been actively working towards creating the ideal workspace. Space is at a minimum for me, so I'm trying to work with what I've got. I think we have similar styles and this post really gives me some more inspiration! Thank you!

  7. Good things to live by!

  8. Such a dreamy workspace! I love the big window!

    Sophia |

  9. I definitely want more plants in my studio! But there is limited space without putting up shelves and I have been too lazy to do that yet!

  10. It's pretty calming in there.. until it starts getting busy on that desk!!
    I definitely prefer a clean, minimal approach to my work space. I feel like things are much more achievable when I have a properly ordered studio - I hate things being left out all over the place.

  11. Ha, those windows are EVERYWHERE in this building. It kind of dominates the entire studio so I let is show off and be the main centerpiece. It's really lovely being able to look outside as I work.

  12. Ahhh, what's your workspace like?

  13. The walls of my studio are that horrible magnolia! I want to paint it but to be honest, I'm too busy (lazy) to do it right now. So I'm letting it slide! I definitely I prefer the idea of letting books and plants add character.

  14. I used to have a teeny tiny room to work in.. and this one isn't much bigger but it's big enough for how I need to work. It's lovely have a space to go to that is serene and peaceful.

    Glad you found some inspiration! I'm going to be doing a mini studio tour soon, I think!

  15. Everyone loves these windows - me included! We love and work in an old glasses factory and these windows are all over the building. It makes rooms VERY hot in summer, but they really are dreamy to look at.

  16. An embarrassing mishmash of papers, mugs and attempts at keeping a diary. Oy.

  17. The Sill9/04/2014

    Great round up of workspace inspiration! A desk plant is a must for us! x, The Sill team

  18. I'm still setting up my home workspace and trying to declutter my office at work. For inspiration I keep collecting photos of pretty workspaces, hoping they'll motivate me to action. I'll be adding your photos to my board.

  19. Rِeem ♦ ³9/18/2014

    Loved this Xox


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