Creating An Inspiring Workspace

An inspiring workplace makes for a happy, productive work life so it's important you get the environment right for you.

It's crucial, as a designer-maker, to build an inspiring workspace, tailored to your specific creative needs. Take inspiration from others but don't feel tempted to work the way others work simply because it appeals. I could never have a disheveled work space but that doesn't stop me admiring (and taking tips from) others who do.

Dianne Tanner's workspace is a fantastic example of how a busy environment can inspire.
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I have always admired those cluttered environments with prints framed, taped, and pinned to the walls with irratic abandon; busy shelves, untidy desks, and a sense of deranged unruliness. Organised mess, with plenty of things to look at and books to get stuck in to, has a great appeal to me.

Rachel's workspace is clean and minimal with a distinct personal touch.
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My own personal workspace features a tidy desk, a few plants, minimal artwork, and a strict sense of "everything has its place." Although I always take a minimal approach to decorating my workspace, I see my studio as an always growing, ever evolving room that, given time, will slowly and gradually build a personality.

Whether you decorate all in one go to completion or approach it as a project to be completed over time, here are some ideas on how to create an inspiring workspace.

- de-clutter
- remove or fix broken things
- get adequate and sufficient storage
- give everything a place
- adjust the lighting
- open the windows
- reduce distractions
- keep it tidy

- bulletin boards
- book shelves
- wall art
- use the view
- eclectic collections
- plants
- storage units
- desk or floor lamps

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