Studio Tour

(Want to poke around in those drawers? Go ahead!)

After six months, I'm finally ready for a studio tour. While there are still issues with storage and plenty of room for improvement, the studio is finally taking shape. It makes a huge difference having a place that feels inspiring as soon as you walk into it.

A good clear out has meant the studio looks a lot more organised and some new additions have made the place feel a lot more lively: a couple of plants, more prints, and new storage. I retired the little wooden shelving unit from craft fair duty and it now makes the most perfect on-desk storage space, and the new displays for finished jewellery help keep things a little more organised - plus they look super pretty.

I'm still battling with storage demons (where-oh-where can I put all those packaging boxes?) and the possibility I might have to admit defeat and put up those shelves I'm so loathe to do. But now the studio feels like an extension of my business; it's an inspiring workspace that reflects my personality and I'm excited to share it with you.