My Creative Process: Blogging

I find other people's creative processes incredibly interesting and, as someone who blogs every day, I find it useful to have a solid structure for producing content on a regular basis.

Lists, Lists, and More Lists
In a notebook I write a list of blog titles for each category - beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and books. These blog titles correspond to Evernote notebooks labelled with category specific tags. Each note details the concept of the post including a brief description along with any resources and references. I return to these documents to expand on an idea and write up each post. I also "clip" webpages, posts, and other articles of interest here for reference.

Scheduling Content
I use a digital calendar to plan when each post will go live. Each category is colour coded, making it easy to control content at a glance and insure an even spread across the weeks. I schedule posts in this calendar before I write each one up. Using an editorial calendar keeps content organised, provides deadlines for each piece, and keeps me focused on blogging.

Strategical Content Building
From the editorial calender, I write the next several days worth of posts down in my notebook listing the photographs that need to be taken for each piece and key notes. I try to create and schedule content in sequential order and make sure there is an even distribution of subject specific content throughout each week.

Taking Photographs
Once I have decided on how a week is going to play out content wise, I take the photographs in bulk so I can edit and insert them into posts in sequential order. I take photographs in RAW and edit using Adobe Photoshop; I prefer to have all my photographs ready for the week and paired with each post before I have written them up.

The Write Up
I take full advantage of any spare time I get to blog by writing several posts up at once; I write the first (and often final) draft in one sitting and I tend to do this in Evernote before copying and pasting into Blogger. I finalise the title, add keywords and tags, create a custom permalink, and schedule for a specific time and date.

The Final Edit
I often read over each post a couple of days before they go live, doing this with fresh eyes helps pick up on any spelling or grammar mistakes and broken links or graphics. I also occasionally shuffle things around depending on whether a post suddenly becomes more relevant or if I fall behind on content and need to plug any gaps in the schedule.

After Posting
I use If This Then That to automatically tweet when a new post goes live and Buffer one or two more throughout the day. I'll sometimes revisit a popular post by giving it a boost online but otherwise I don't promote posts too much. Since most interaction happens within 24 hours I respond to comments a day after a post has gone live.