Week Notes #17

September 28, 2014

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other things:
| I'm letting go
| on the matter of "curating"
| what I've learned about blogging
| the seven deadly sins of punctuation
| Lena Dunham gives great advice
| Anthony Bourdain: how to travel

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  1. Every single week you leave some fantastic posts/links and open my life up to so many new ideas & blogs I never would have come across before. Thank you!

  2. That video was hilarious! I really loved the article on curating. I took a seminar this weekend and a class on Pinterest made me think of this exact topic.

  3. Thanks for watching :))

  4. I'm super pleased you love reading these posts - I'm never sure whether to keep doing them or replace them with someone more substantial!

  5. Such a nice collection! :) Helps me discover other lovely blogs.


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