15 Blogging Mistakes

Blogging Mistakes

1. Starting a blog purely for fame or profit
2. Accepting everything that is offered (from samples to sponsorship)
3. Forgetting the purpose of the blog
4. Sticking to one niche or covering too many
5. Following the crowd instead of trying something new
6. Writing purely for mass appeal
7. Giving advice instead of opinions without having authority or credibility
8. Being impatient for readership growth
9. Not having a blogging schedule or editorial calendar
10. Quantity over quality; publishing daily when there isn't enough content
11. Not spell-checking or learning from grammatical errors
12. Not understanding the audience or who the blog is reaching out to
13. Blogging without goals or a clear purpose
14. Being overly promotional on social media
15. Talking and not listening by not replying to comments