Week Notes #21

November 16, 2014

{ we attended the eye candy launch party and explored the about town exhibition }

{ I've been reading this book and I'm not sure how I feel about it }

{ new exciting things are being planned }

other things:
| serial
| on blogging: planning your editorial calendar
| 10 nail polishes for a/w
| when someone else has your brilliant idea
| are blogger friends real?
| ballet zoom "cats"
| 9 easy ways to start living a simpler, more intentional life
| outgrowing favourite bloggers
| how to make your blog super popular
| your happiness is your responsibility
| 8 ways a simple notebook can change your life
| diy shell candles
| pickled cabbage salad

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  1. Great links! I like the ember and March site, and think in my early blogging days I now need to work on some forward thinking!!
    Oh and as much as I love the shell candles, I recently made some candles in old teacups, and the time it took to melt the wax... Yeah I don't have the will or want to ever repeat that time consuming task again!!

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  3. Madison Lee11/16/2014

    oh wow changing your blog design! i like it :)

  4. I love this links you have shared!

  5. Thank you so much :))

  6. I really like the conversational tone of Ember & March :))
    Oh and yeah, the candles.. I love the look of them but they is probably zero chance I will actually do it..

  7. Yay, loving the new design Sophie! Looks great :) What makes you unsure about Middlesex? x

  8. Thank you, Tamsin! I felt like things need a bit more of a refresh.

    Middlesex is.. good but.. too long. I feel like there is A LOT of padding. I appreciate why the first two thirds of the book are about the history and then "the big reveal" but seriously, it didn't need to take that long. I got bored and restless and I just wanted the book to be over.


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