What I Learned from Taking a Blogging Break

What I Learned from Taking a Blogging Break

While I was in New York I didn't think about this place at all. I scheduled a week's worth of content and just.. switched off. I didn't receive email notifications, I didn't check comments, I didn't read any blogs and I didn't check up on my own. When I got back it felt like I'd pushed a "refresh" button.

Taking a break from blogging made me realise a few things.

There are things I want to write about
I had already been working on a content change and refocus but taking a break forced me to put this under a microscope when I returned. I realised I had shifted the focus from one niche to another when really what I want to do is to reflect the blog's title better: the private life of a girl. I want to write more about everything. I want to include work, life, and travel, I don't want to pigeonhole it into one niche.

I need to take more photographs
My time in NYC reaffirmed my love for taking photographs and has encouraged me to go more places, do more things, and document it better. I feel I have been missing out by not sharing those more personal travel posts.

I should try new things
I feel like I need to make more effort and be more playful with content, not just on the blog but in other areas. I've installed time-lapse software onto my Canon 550d and started using Vine, which means a whole heap of new ideas to play with.

Having notifications switched off is a really good thing
I always turn email and other notifications off while I'm on holiday or at work but this time they are permanently staying switched off. I now have to manually check them, which makes a huge difference to my daily life and productivity.

The competition is all in your head and you don't have to be a part of it
I've already written about my frustrations with blogging and what I feel it's all really about. Time away from the "blogging scene" gave me a little perspective, calmed me down and focused my energy elsewhere.

Stop hate-reading
This is an awful one to admit to but I think, secretly, we all do it. It's a waste of time and energy, let's cut it out.

I actually enjoy reading blogs and missed replying to comments
I missed the interaction caused by my blog posts and conversations I have elsewhere on others. I've realised I want to seek out more lifestyle blogs I can relate to and I'm looking for inspiration in more positive places.