Reverse Reader Q&A

Reverse Reader Q&A

This blog is a great way to connect with people and I want the chance to engage with you more and get to know you a little better. Feel free to answer these questions in as much or as little detail as you want and throw in anything else you feel you'd like me to know.

Tell me who you are:
- what is your name?
- how old are you?
- where do you live?
- what is your job?

What have you done done this year that has made you proud?

Tell me what you dream about:
- what do you want to learn?
- what do you hope to achieve?
- where do you want to go in life?

What is your definition of success?

Tell me what you think of this blog:
- how long have you been reading?
- what do you like & dislike?
- what do you want more or less of?
- is there anything you want to ask?

What is one book everyone should read?