The Secret to Successful Blogging

The Secret to Successful Blogging

The secret to successful blogging is:
- knowing why you blog and what your goals are
- defining what success means to you
- knowing who your target audience is
- networking to reach your audience
- writing first class content

Why are you blogging and what does success look like to you?

Reasons for blogging and the definition of success means something completely different from person to person. Are you blogging to engage with other bloggers? To build a community of people who share similar interests? Offer advice and support? Are you hoping to monetize? Or use your blog as a way of promoting your skills?

For me, my blog is a success if I write content that attracts the kind of people who are actively engaged, who comment regularly and return daily, and who I can form friendships with. I want to offer advice on something I know about - running a small business - and share my interest in other (more general) subjects. If those posts are helpful or interesting enough to engage with readers, I consider that a success. For others, success could mean monetizing to the point where blogging pays the bills or hitting readership milestones or using their blog as a marketing tool to raise the profile of a business.

To be successful you have to focus on achieving your goals, not someone else's.
If you judge yourself by someone else's goals, you will always fail.

Who is your target audience and what do you do to find them?

Knowing who you are writing for and where to find them online is extremely important. You have to actively seek out those readers and show them your content. Join Twitter chats, post on forums, engage with like-minded bloggers, leave blog comments, and promote (at the right times) on social media; actively engage with the audience that will enjoy your content the most. Don't wait for them to find you - chances are, they won't.

Regardless of your personal blogging goals, the same thing is true for everyone: in order to have a successful blog you need to write good content and share it with the right people. Know your target audience, understand what they want, write exceptional content tailored specifically for them, and make sure it grabs their attention.