21 Ways To Refresh Your Blog

December 06, 2014

Ways To Refresh Your Blog

A while back I discussed what to do for your business during downtime and the same can be applied to your blog. During quiet times or even when you're feeling a little restless a refresh can be all you need to reignite the enthusiasm for blogging.

#1 Consider what your blogging goals are
#2 Tweak the layout; change fonts, the format, or blog header
#3 Tidy up the sidebar; remove any clutter
#4 Take a new head shot
#5 Update permanent pages ('About,' 'Disclaimer,' 'Archives,' etc.)
#6 Start a mailing list or work on newsletter content
#7 Update topics and features so they are current
#8 Check social media links and share buttons
#9 Update social media profiles
#10 Add or change your favicon
#11 Work on a networking plan
#12 Create an editorial calendar or plug holes in an existing one
#13 Clean up old posts by making sure links and images are working
#14 Upgrade old posts; refresh the content and promote online
#15 Work on ideas for new features or a series of posts
#16 Add pages or remove outdated ones
#17 Introduce an easy and intuitive navigation system
#18 Design and print/order business cards
#19 Work on future content
#20 Analyse your analytics
#21 Rebrand*

* I'd only suggest this if you're really dissatisfied with your blog, if it's taken a new direction, or your last update was years ago.

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  1. These are all great ideas, and I'll try to give a couple of them a try ASAP. I always read about how creating a mailing list is helpful for your blog, but I find the idea intimidating. What exactly do you include in a mailing list that people might find interesting?

  2. Great tips, I have to say I really like the layout of your blog, it looks really professional and tidy!
    Hannah x

  3. Shani Parkman12/06/2014

    Yes! Constantly working on these things, it's nice of you to put it into a list for me/us!

  4. Gotta say I really love your blog, the way you present information and just all of it! Keep the good stuff coming :)

  5. My blog is still relatively new (a year or so) and I need some ideas to create some fresh layout pages for the new year. This has motivated me to work harder and to pull some crazy stops out and upgrade my blog. I've also just screenshotted your advice on my phone. Thanks so much! Xxx

  6. I have to say your blog designs are always my favorite. Thank you for the all of the ideas, these are good ones!

  7. What is a favicon and what does it do...I have no idea of it's purpose....! ;((


  8. WOW I need to take some of these things into consideration. Thanks for sharing girl! XOXO Ines

    Check me out here!

    ALWAYS LOOKING FOR GUEST BLOGGERS TOO! email- inescosta0307@gmail.com

  9. Very nice list! I'm always looking for ways of improving my blog, so I'll definitely save this list very close for future use. :)

  10. I like these ideas:) My blog just got a makeover, but I am sure I will use these tips in the future!


  11. wow, such a beautiful post! cx


  12. Fab ideas!! Now just to work out how?!

  13. Meg Casson12/07/2014

    I love these posts, great ideas.

    www.kindoflovely.com || AUS Fashion/Lifestyle

    p.s I am giveaway a £30 ASOS gift voucher on my blog.

  14. Soo looking forward to reading all about your travels! Where are you going next? And these are great ideas - thanks so much for the inspiration! xx


  15. I love these posts. Some great tips and ways x


  16. Such a great post. Thank you Sophie.

  17. Alex Richards12/07/2014

    Love these 'improve your blog' type posts!

    alexrichwrites.blogspot.co.uk | I'm doing Blogmas!

  18. Oh my Sophie! I haven't been around your blog in a while and it looks gorgeous! Love the new layout! As always, you offer great advice here :) Revamping my blog is on my list of things to do during the upcoming winter break. Really looking forward to it!
    Hope you are doing fantastic!

  19. Thank you so much, Colette :))

  20. Awesome - I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

  21. Thank you for reading, Jana.

  22. I'm pleased you found it useful :))

  23. We're going to Norfolk early next year, then we have plans to re-visit Berlin and maybe take a trip somewhere else in Europe.. we want to go everywhere! :))

  24. Haha, oh dear.. and the time, right??

  25. Some of them I check over (links especially) every so often to make sure everything is working well :))

  26. Thank you for reading

  27. Oh, it's the icon that shows up in the web browser tab? You can edit that to show a tiny image :))

  28. Thank you so much. I'm not certain everyone is in to them BUT I think I am going to continue to write useful blog-specific posts in relation to creativity and small business advice. I don't think I will write much else, to be honest.

  29. Oh awesome, that's so good to hear :))

  30. Thank you so much, Maxine :))

  31. Thank you so much, Hannah, I really love the new layout design.

  32. I think I will write a post about this because I am a HUGE advocate of mailing lists, they are incredibly useful.

  33. Ummm yeah! Bang on!
    As my blog is pure hobbyist, it comes after all the other time commitments and down time time. Once the big house faff is done (which should be just before xmas) I think I'll have much more time to play with :)

  34. zaamissbowtie12/10/2014

    I badly have to change thing sup on my site. I don't know what it is but every year I have an obsession with change. Your site looks beautiful. So clean :)

  35. :-) It was my pleasure girl!

  36. Victoria Lau12/12/2014

    Wow those are great tips. I do like the sticky navigation bar. What hosting service do you use for your blog? I'll admit I'm not very tech savvy but I would love to tweak the design and layout of my blog!


  37. Jasmine Brink-Li12/17/2014

    All things that I need to do before the new year!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  38. Brilliant post! I'm looking to rebrand before/in the new year - also really need to update my about page and so on! Thank you for sharing these tips! xx


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