21 Ways To Refresh Your Blog

Ways To Refresh Your Blog

A while back I discussed what to do for your business during downtime and the same can be applied to your blog. During quiet times or even when you're feeling a little restless a refresh can be all you need to reignite the enthusiasm for blogging.

#1 Consider what your blogging goals are
#2 Tweak the layout; change fonts, the format, or blog header
#3 Tidy up the sidebar; remove any clutter
#4 Take a new head shot
#5 Update permanent pages ('About,' 'Disclaimer,' 'Archives,' etc.)
#6 Start a mailing list or work on newsletter content
#7 Update topics and features so they are current
#8 Check social media links and share buttons
#9 Update social media profiles
#10 Add or change your favicon
#11 Work on a networking plan
#12 Create an editorial calendar or plug holes in an existing one
#13 Clean up old posts by making sure links and images are working
#14 Upgrade old posts; refresh the content and promote online
#15 Work on ideas for new features or a series of posts
#16 Add pages or remove outdated ones
#17 Introduce an easy and intuitive navigation system
#18 Design and print/order business cards
#19 Work on future content
#20 Analyse your analytics
#21 Rebrand*

* I'd only suggest this if you're really dissatisfied with your blog, if it's taken a new direction, or your last update was years ago.