10 Ways Creatives Make Themselves Miserable

February 24, 2015

10 Ways Creatives Make Themselves Miserable

#1 Comparing themselves and their work to others
#2 Basing their success or failure on one project
#3 Not allowing themselves to experiment or mess around
#4 Making money the top priority
#5 Setting unachievable goals
#6 Trying to please everyone
#7 Letting self-doubt dominate their thoughts
#8 By not defining what success really means
#9 Forgetting to acknowledge their achievements so far
#10 Becoming obsessed with everything being “perfect"

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  1. I have absolutely been guilty of all of these. I try and remember to make a list of the good things that have happened every day before I go to bed, or more recently find that whole point of my instagram is that its recording the good things for me to look back through and remember the good stuff, to kick myself out of all of these habits.

  2. Totally agree with all of them!

  3. Thanks for reading

  4. Knowing what we can and can't achieve; knowing what our measure of success is, is crucial to our happiness as creatives. So long as we face the reality of our situation and acknowledge what may or may not be possible, I think it makes it easier to be happier in life.

  5. I like doing this, making an effort to notice the positive things that happen during a day or a week. It's really easy to get sucked into only seeing the bad stuff. I'm generally pretty positive but I have moments where I don't think anything is good enough and accuse myself of not trying hard enough. We need to be kinder to ourselves!

  6. Victoria3/08/2015

    I can identify with all! x


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