Define Your Creativity

Define Your Creativity

One of the most important pieces of advice for creatives is: define your creativity.

Define who you are.
Define what your business is.
Define your ethos.
Define your goals.
Define your brand aesthetic.

Everything revolves around the definition of who you are, what you stand for, and what you create. That definition of creativity builds intention into all of your creative actions.

Defining creativity is constrictive but in a positive and useful way. Definition provides the framework to which everything that is produced must adhere to. It means everything that is created and put out there into the world is consistent and coherent; creative definition provides quality controls through which everything that is created can be filtered to meet certain criteria and uphold a specific brand identity. It means an individual creative can be identified simply by looking at the aesthetic of each production.

I defined my brand aesthetic and creative intentions very early on, the definition was simplistic:
Clean and minimal; a grey-scale colour palette; flat lay images.

Everything I do revolves around these definitions of who I am as a creative and what my brand looks like. Defining my creativity means I have given myself distinct guidelines to which everything I produce - from the products to their photographic representations - must adhere to. My creative work can be identified as mine simply by looking at its distinctive and defined style; everything I create is wrapped up in a clearly defined aesthetic.

To stand out as original and distinctive it’s important to define your creativity and provide intention for your actions.