My Creative Process: Planning

My Creative Process: Planning

Sunrise Calendar
I use this to schedule in routine, reoccurring tasks and major events, and set alarms. Things like accounts, appointments and meetings, and events are all scheduled into this calendar, which sends alerts direct to my phone and syncs to all my devices. I do not schedule daily tasks into this calendar, I reserve those for my daily planner.

White Board Calendar
After considering using a giant wall decal as a calendar, I was totally inspired by Oh No Rachio! to customise a whiteboard and use it as an overview of the upcoming year. This whiteboard in my studio serves as a reminder for the major points in the year such as product launches, target deadlines, and important events.

Social Media Plan
I use a simple document to plan out social media marketing; this basic table lays out specific days and crucial times to publish on social platforms. Having a social media plan helps serves as a reference point for daily activities and I also use it as a reminder for key Twitter chats. I combine this planner with Buffer to schedule content.

Daily Planner
The layout of this diary is ideal for the way I work: it has a Monday to Friday view on the left hand side with a spare page on the right for note-taking. This is where I dump the weekly ‘to-do’ lists and then break it all down in specific days. I can see exactly how the week is going to work, what I need to do and on what days, plus I can plan ahead with the monthly calendar at the front. I jot down everything from basic tasks to personal memos, reminders and major tasks. This planner gets taken everywhere with me and is where all of my task organisation gets worked out.

My Creative Process: Planning

Business Planner
This where my business planning gets done. I converted a simple notebook into a business planner by splitting it into sections that cover business goals and what will be focused on during the year; stockist and event information; promotions and ideas. (Learn how to make your own planner.)

Goals and Focus
I keep track of goals (a mix of minor and major) at the front of the planner along with the current focus of the business such as designing new products, improving services, and social media marketing. I revisit this periodically to mark off accomplished goals and set new ones.

Stockists and Events
A ‘potential stockists’ section allows me to identify and keep track of shops and businesses I would like to approach about stocking Oh My Clumsy Heart jewellery and a section on markets allows me to track dates, plan ahead, and monitor stocks and sales.

Ideas and Promotions
I tend to dump all my ideas together, as and when I have them, into the final section in the planner. This includes potential future goals, promotions, product designs, and marketing ideas. This ‘brainstorming dump’ helps me get everything out onto paper before I filter through them and decide which ones will work and which ones won’t. Once an idea has been worked on and is ready to be put into effect, I find space in my day-to-day diary to get the idea into motion.

The promotions section of this planner is reserved for marketing campaigns, secret sales, new product launches, and partnerships with other businesses. I map out everything from what the promotion is, what it involves, when the promotion will launch, and notes on performance.

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