7 Ways To Be A Happier Creative

February 12, 2015

Ways To Be A Happier Creative

Sometimes us creatives can be hard on ourselves, here are seven ways to be happier in our creative pursuits:

Create Every Single Day
Live the creative lifestyle you want to live by doing something creative every single day. Whatever it is, no matter how big or small, be creative: think, play, make, do - boost your creative confidence by keeping your creativity engaged.

Stay True to Your Vision
Don’t try to be something you’re not; trust that you have a unique creativity that shows in the creative work you produce. Learn from the creatives you admire but don’t try to be them; trying to be something you’re not is tiring and soul destroying. Definite your own personal brand of creativity and live it.

Find your Creative Allies
You need to build a network of like-minded creatives who you can rely on to speak the truth to you, who will tell you what you don’t want to hear, and who will give you the support you need when you need it. Surround yourself with creative allies.

Try Something New
You don’t need to do anything drastic or achieve a creative 180° just play around and see what you can do with a format you’re not familiar with. Use your imagination, don't take it too seriously; trying new things inspires fresh creativity.

Don’t Judge your Creativity on One Failure
A creative lifestyle involves a whole heap of successes and failures, you can't judge your creativity based on one or even many failures. Mistakes mean you're learning and growing as a creative, don't beat yourself up when you get things wrong - it happens to us all and isn't a sign of weakness.

Banish Negative Thoughts (and Negative People)
We all have our moments of worry and self-doubt but it’s not healthy to dwell on negative thoughts and be around negative people. Work through these moments of negativity and remove disruptive people from your life. You're better off without them.

Do Something For The Fun Of It
You don't always have to be creating for a purpose, sometimes it's good to do something just for the sheer fun of it. Take time out occasionally to play around, make something that doesn't have a purpose, let yourself be messy and silly, don't worry about making mistakes or the end product being something good. Let go, have fun.

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  1. I was having a creativity wobble in January, after spending Oct-Dec just cranking out jewellery like a machine, and then being ill in January and having some bad family news. I started messing around with water colours, doing some sewing, reading more, checking in on pinterest more, and getting re-inspired. It totally worked! February has been so much more exciting, I'm coming up with new ideas again, blogging again, and generally feeling like I'm over the hump. Great tips here!

  2. Gemma Carey2/12/2015

    I'm not happy unless I'm trying new things regularly!


  3. This is a brilliant post! It's advice I try to give myself a lot but never truest listen, but I think you have managed to get through to me!
    Sam xx

  4. I really like this! I often get wrapped up in negative thoughts regarding my creative efforts not being 'good enough', so this is a lovely reminder!
    Hannah x

  5. This is great advice!
    I especially agree with creating something everyday. Life is busy and when I have all these great/fun projects in mind that I want to do it can get frustrating when I can't find the time. I always feel 100% happier when I just allow myself to set some time aside to do them rather than let life get in the way of my creativity.


  6. This is such a great advice !



  7. I think creating daily is the best thing to do - I'm much happier when I'm writing my blog than when I leave it for a few days.

    Lizzie Dripping

  8. It's great to hear you got over that hump. Messing around with new projects, just trying stuff out for fun, really helps regain creativity. Sometimes we just have to readjust the balance a little bit. February has been crazy busy for me and this past week has been a struggle; taking time out to do stuff for fun and also address the balance of work has really helped.

  9. Absolutely, I am the same. I really need to try new things and stay creative otherwise I get irritable.

  10. I'm so pleased to hear this post helped :))

  11. There is always a little time for creativity every day, so long as we make time for it. I get restless if I don't do something creative regularly and I definitely think happiness is stronger linked to that.

  12. Thanks for reading!

  13. I think it's easier to carry on being creative if we do it daily, it was do it irregularly it's easier to feel daunted or intimidated by failure.

  14. I especially agree with no letting one failure define you're whole career, it's a slippery slope to get into.

    Oh and definitely agree with getting rid of negative people, it doesn't help to have people dragging you down if you're working on things that are so personal to you.

    Erin // comadiary</a


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