How I Picked Names For My Business and Blog

How I Picked The Names For My Business and Blog

Last week I shared some advice on how to pick the right name for your business or blog and mentioned how I broke some of the cardinal rules of name choosing. I thought it would be good to share the origins of my own business and blog names.

Oh My Clumsy Heart
When I ran a hobby shop on Etsy, it was originally called Mighty Thrifty but the name became stale and I wanted a change; it didn't reflect the direction the shop was going. I had absolutely zero ideas and nothing seemed to fit.

Of course, whenever we stop thinking about something that's when inspiration hits. There is a piece of illustration work by Angie Wang called Pony Express Delivers Apology that I absolutely adore but had completely forgotten about. The memory of the words, "oh my clumsy hands, oh my clumsy voice, oh my clumsy heart” hit me as soon as I stepped into a bath. I literally jumped out and ran to my computer to check it wasn't already taken.

I instantly knew "Oh My Clumsy Heart" was the right new name for the business.

The Private Life of a Girl
I knew I wanted to set up a beauty blog but finding a name was tough; I had written up a couple of weeks worth of content before I even have a single idea for the name. I didn't want anything that pigeon holed me into a specific niche but at the same time I wanted a title that would give people a clear idea of what to expect from the blog.

I remembered a blog I adored - The Photographic Diary of Martin Peterson - that had moved and essentially shut down. It was previously called The Private Life of a Cat, which I loved and was the inspiration for my own blog name.