How I Picked Names For My Business and Blog

March 13, 2015

How I Picked The Names For My Business and Blog

Last week I shared some advice on how to pick the right name for your business or blog and mentioned how I broke some of the cardinal rules of name choosing. I thought it would be good to share the origins of my own business and blog names.

Oh My Clumsy Heart
When I ran a hobby shop on Etsy, it was originally called Mighty Thrifty but the name became stale and I wanted a change; it didn't reflect the direction the shop was going. I had absolutely zero ideas and nothing seemed to fit.

Of course, whenever we stop thinking about something that's when inspiration hits. There is a piece of illustration work by Angie Wang called Pony Express Delivers Apology that I absolutely adore but had completely forgotten about. The memory of the words, "oh my clumsy hands, oh my clumsy voice, oh my clumsy heart” hit me as soon as I stepped into a bath. I literally jumped out and ran to my computer to check it wasn't already taken.

I instantly knew "Oh My Clumsy Heart" was the right new name for the business.

The Private Life of a Girl
I knew I wanted to set up a beauty blog but finding a name was tough; I had written up a couple of weeks worth of content before I even have a single idea for the name. I didn't want anything that pigeon holed me into a specific niche but at the same time I wanted a title that would give people a clear idea of what to expect from the blog.

I remembered a blog I adored - The Photographic Diary of Martin Peterson - that had moved and essentially shut down. It was previously called The Private Life of a Cat, which I loved and was the inspiration for my own blog name.

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  1. It is really difficult to find a name that both speaks to you as the creator and to your audience. But I think you were really successful at finding the balance. It was nice to read about your inspiration.

    Girl Against Oleka

  2. Er i want that pony artwork.

  3. I always wondered how you you came up with your company name. I agree that it is hard to find a name that doesn't pigeonhole you but that reflects you as a person. I went with insidesai because it combines my initials with inside meaning all the stuff in my head.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I always find it interesting to know how people decide on the names of their blogs and businesses. My blog name actually came about because computers autocorrect my initials and maiden name to something like cakewalker, which evolved into Walking with Cake. :)

  5. Ahhaha this was actually very interesting to hear - I love finding out how people name things, so interesting to see what we pull inspiration from.

  6. I've changed my blog name a couple of times too and it is really hard to find one you like. But you said it perfectly. Once you stop thinking that's when inspiration hits. And that's how my latest blog was born. Now I feel like I have the perfect one and its marketable across all fields, not just blogging.

  7. I love reading these types of posts, it's so interesting to learn the history of a name. Sometimes I wish I could change my blog name to something more poetic, but alas...

    boho vanity

  8. Quite interesting how the art of naming a business or blog unfolds. Loved knowing how you got the names! :)

  9. Looking for a name was a nightmare for me and it took me ages! Decided to keep it simple.

    You can check my last minute ideas for Mother's Day:

  10. Diana Cloudlet3/13/2015

    To be honest, I like your blog very much! I think that you do a great job! Everything is so beautiful! I know that blog requires much time, but keep doing it!

    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  11. I think both stories are very cute and simple. My blog is named after the day I was born, which I think is something personal but not personal at the same time :)

    xx Cecil

  12. It's so interesting to know where names comes from! And it's so true that as soon as you stop thinking, something comes to you. I did a load of stuff as 'imlauren' which makes a whole load of sense, Lauren being my name, but I also figured that it was unlikely to be not ever used by anyone else!

    I've now gone with Woodland & Wise , being my grandparents' maiden names, so it's personal, but it also just seems to fit. And like you said in your previous post, not necessarily stuck to one thing!

    Lauren x // Woodland & Wise

  13. Woodland & Wise is an awesome name and I love the origins of it - so beautiful.

  14. That's a pretty cool idea, I like it.

  15. Thank you so much, Diana :))

  16. It took me a little while but I do think it's important not to rush these things.

  17. Definitely - I like people's reactions when you tell them, too :))

  18. You can change your name, if you don't like it - I think it's important. If you resent the name you stop feeling passionate about what you're doing, everything should align.

  19. Same - I love hearing people's name stories :))

  20. Haha, awesome way of getting a name!

  21. That's pretty cool. I like learning where people get their names from.

  22. I am happy with the names, I think they work with what I want my business/blog to portray and I think they are unique enough to stand out.

  23. I love where your name came from!

    I have just begun blogging and I am still figuring out what I am doing most of the time. But my direction has been clear from day one. I wanted to talk about the little things in life that we tend to ignore, the people we tend to ignore. So as I sat one day with a long list of possible names, I thought of Anonymous, But Known. It actually sprung up during a conversation between a friend and me. She said "We are just 2 people on this planet known by another few, its like we don't exist, anonymous to the world". Hence, I decided on it because I was just another face amongst the 7 billion other people on this planet writing about the things that probably all of us talked about.

    xx Megha-

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