Instagram for Creatives

Instagram is an awesome way of connecting with other creatives, it gives you the chance to share your creative process and invite other people to go behind the scenes to get a closer look at your creativity.

Like with all social media sites, it’s important to use them in a personal way; you will need to be willing to experiment with style, content, frequency and even the times of day in order to find out what works best for you and your business. Iconosquare provides you with free analytics including the best posting days and hours specific to your account.

You want to be able to show people your business and brand but also the person or people behind it without being overly promotional. An 80/20 mix of non-promotional vs promotional photographs is ideal, including photographs from behind the scenes, work in progress, specific products, and the occasional snapshot of your personal life.

Curate a clearly defined aesthetic | The most successful Instagrammers have a clearly defined approach to their photography; find an style that suits you, apply it to the photographs you share online and curate your own creative style.

Edit your photographs | Make sure the photographs you share online are edited properly. Take photographs with Instagram in mind and make use of photography apps to help curate your brand’s aesthetic.

Use photographs taken with a DSLR | Don’t restrict yourself to photographs taken with your phone; the best way I have found to share DSLR photographs on Instagram is to upload them to Flickr and download via the app on your phone.

Drive traffic | If you’re using Instagram to promote products or services, make sure the correct link is in your profile and rotate the links regularly. Change it up to drive traffic to your website, your blog, your mailing list or anywhere else you want to encourage users to visit.

Use hashtags | Attract new attention by using popular hashtags but use them properly. Five per image is said to be the magic number and make note of any tags you see other creatives using such as #wip #behindthescenes and #studiolife

Post consistently | Decide on what works best for you based on what’s achievable and try to stick to a posting schedule. Whether it’s once a day or five times a day, it’s important to post consistently. TakeOff is an awesome free app that allows you to schedule content - there are paid for alternatives that will also automatically post scheduled photographs.

Plan your content | Planning photographs provides the content required for consistency. Content planning doesn't mean all spontaneity is lost; spur of the moment shots should still be shared but scheduling photographs is a good way to engage regularly with the Instagram community.

Be a contributing member | Like with all social media, be interested in the community and it will be interested in you. Comment regularly and make friends, don't be overly promotional or pushy; take a personal approach to sharing photographs and communicating with users.

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