Note To Self #12

bb cream | dress | eyeliner | hairspray | palette | perfume I rarely create Note To Self posts anymore because, well, I...

Note To Self #12

bb cream | dress | eyeliner | hairspray | palette | perfume

I rarely create Note To Self posts anymore because, well, I don't really buy much (except plants and books.) I keep a very small list of things I want; the benefits of keeping a wishlist are huge for me, I never impulse buy when I keep one and the majority of items I've shared in this series, I've ended up buying because it serves as a reminder of what I really want.

Saying that, I miiiight have already bought a few of these before this post goes up, oop. It has been one of those months where everything runs out all at once; my Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Palette finally reached the end of its life (and now looks very battered), and the bb cream and eyeliner I adore completely ran out. (Urban Decay has decided to smite me by discontinuing it's liquid liner in brown, sob.) I have been missing my absolute favourite perfume and while the Jo Malone Amber and Patchouli cologne is nice, nothing beats how divine Dior J'adore smells and that Navy Frill Panel Smock by The Whitepepper? It's just become my first spring/summer purchase for a new year of The Minimal Wardrobe.

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  1. That dress is GORGEOUS. I will definitely be looking out for a smock dress.

  2. Such fab finds here. I've been on the lookout for a new scent and will have to test out Dior J'adore.

    Circus & Bloom

  3. This dress is really cute


  4. I know, right? I think I need it..

  5. J'Adore is my absolute favourite perfume - people always ask me what it is where I wear it.

  6. It fits so perfectly too!

  7. Maireem Maneje3/15/2015

    Liking the dress :)

  8. Froolls3/16/2015

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