Pay Attention To Detail

Pay Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is what makes creative work brilliant.
It’s the key to everything amazing.

Being obsessive over the way your work is created and presented might be fussy, it might even be irritating to some people, but it’s of utmost importance. Don’t let the people whining at you to, “just finish it already” rush your creative process - ignore them, take your time; paying close attention to those minor details is what makes the difference between mediocre and amazing.

By paying special attention to detail, by fussing over the minor points, you build an inherent quality into your product and content. Without that precision, you lose the magic. Everything falls flat.

Design and branding is all about the tiny, seemingly insignificant details.
It’s what makes something stand out from the rest.

Successful creatives always look at their work to see what they can improve; they always look back over past projects and tell themselves what they could have done better. Don’t be the kind of creative who rushes their work out without quality controls - keep paying attention to those little details. It makes the world of difference.

"I strongly believe that the attention someone gives to what he or she makes is reflected in the end result, whether it is obvious or not. Inherent quality is part of absolute quality and without it things will appear shoddy."
- Erik Spiekermann