Week Notes #26

March 29, 2015

Week Notes #26
Tea + Cake
Week Notes #26
Beautiful new crystals
Week Notes #26
Flatpack Film Festival & The Whitepepper Summer Event

Week Notes #26
Photographs from Instagram

Links Worth Clicking
» BUY BUY BUY (I listed a bunch of stuff on eBay)
» Better Homes & Bloggers
» DIY Concrete Planter
» Vegan Nacho Cheese
» Katie Scott
» Stunning Timelapses of the World's Largest Cities
» This beautiful apartment
» 6 Things I Learned While Writing My First Book
» Made You Look Documentary

Podcasts Worth Listening To
» Slumber Party - #52 Tony Hale

Blogs Worth Reading
» A Quiet Style
» Lapinblu
» Little Birdie

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  1. Gosh thank you for the mention. Very flattered! I love White Pepper's clothing, especially their dresses. I've got a big wishlist! x

  2. Really like those kind of posts



  3. I feel like it's impossible for you to take a bad photo.. Just thought I'd put that out there :)

  4. Awesome! Plus I love your blog design now (it was just as good before as well!) :)

  5. I always love looking at the links you post, I especially liked 6 Things I learned while writing my first book - found it really helpful. Also loved all of the instagram photos, the new crystals are stunning.

    Angelica x


  6. The Yum Repository3/29/2015

    beautiful photos! The colors really pop, I love it :-)

  7. Thank you so much for including my blog in your list, and I'm very happy to have found yours now too.

  8. You're very welcome :))

  9. I'm super pleased you enjoyed this post and the links I share.

  10. Thank you - I really like this new design :))

  11. Awesome - glad to hear it :))

  12. You're very welcome - I'm really enjoying your blog.

    I have quite a few of The Whitepepper dresses now.. they're just so well made and comfortable.

  13. The cake shot got me :)
    I made my first minamilist baker recipe last week; not due to it being vegan (I am in no way vegan), but because I'm currently following (roughly) a paleo diet, to shed a few pounds pre wedding/honeymoon! I tweaked it a little, but I made her vegan no bake chocolate cheesecakes - I'd HIGHLY recommend them to you!!

  14. Kyriam |effervescent life by K3/30/2015

    i love the simplicity of your posts and photos !

  15. caroline burke4/02/2015

    thank you sophie! genuinely love your content and the way you approach blogging - it's a real pleasure to get a mention on here! x


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