11 Podcasts for Designer-Makers

11 Podcasts For Designer-Makers

I listen to a lot of creative business podcasts but I have found most of them are dedicated to generic topics with advice that can be loosely applied to all creative jobs, making the episodes interesting but not always relevant for handmade creatives. I have been looking for more relatable discussions aimed specifically at designer-makers, here are the best ones I found:

#1 Dear Handmade Life
#2 Creative Start
#3 Below the Fold
#4 Elise Gets Crafty
#5 AIM with Kari Chapin
#6 Makers in Business with Liz Smith
#7 Creative Mornings
#8 Craft & Design
#9 Think, Make, Sell
#10 The Handmade Project
#11 Hello Craft!