I have been feeling a little lost in terms of direction lately; I have been feeling a little frustrated and stuck without really being able to pinpoint why. I have felt whatever I was producing - making, writing, sharing - lately wasn't good enough. I could do better, I could try harder. I felt I had become disconnected from my goals and purpose.

So I took a little time out to sit down and re-evaluate a few things.

I revisited my business plan and rewrote it.
I sat down and refreshed my plans and reestablished my intent.
I reminded myself of why I blog and figured out what was going wrong.

I gave myself some fresh goals, I realigned my intent for the content I produce, and I formed a better idea of what I’m doing, what I want to do, and where I'm heading. I set new short term and long term objectives, assessed major achievements to date (because reminding ourselves of the good things we have done is really important) and ditched anything that just wasn't working.

Sometimes we fall behind and start running on autopilot. The simple step of taking time out to evaluate our situation and update our purpose and intent, reminds us of what's important and renews our enthusiasm. Giving ourselves refreshed goals, lifts a huge weight off our shoulders and enables us to continue with a more positive, intentional outlook.

What you surround yourself really does influence your creativity.
Trust yourself and the direction your true creativity wants to take you in.