Using Social Media and Deciding Where to Be Online

Using Social Media and Deciding Where to Be Online

For designer-makers and bloggers, social media management is important. Trying to be active on all major platforms is an exhausting time suck; the temptation to be everywhere online is incredible yet not every social media platform is worth your time and energy.

It's useful (and sensible) to "reserve" your business or blog name by signing up and registering it on all social media platforms, but you don't have to use all the accounts - it's best to focus your time and energy on 1-3 social media platforms.

Choosing which Social Media Platforms to Use

Ask yourself the following questions:
- Where is my audience?
- What social media platforms do they prefer using?
- Which platforms do I prefer?
- How can I benefit from each platform?
- How often do I have to share content/interact to see a result?
- How many accounts can I realistically keep active?

Giving a Purpose and Intent to Sharing Online

There can be a crossover but each social media platform you decide to use should have one sole purpose - to inspire, to share, to inform, to promote - which provides guidelines for its use and the content you share on it.

I use Instagram for taking people “behind the scenes," Pinterest for inspiration, Twitter for daily updates, and email for promotion. Knowing the purpose and intent of each social media platform means content is easier to produce and expectations can be met.

If there are too many crossovers between accounts - pick your favourite and ditch the other one. Posting identical content in multiple places means your audience will pick their favourite and stay there; getting rid of the option that doesn’t work for you means your audience is more likely to join you wherever you’re sharing your content.

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