Week Notes #27

April 05, 2015

Week Notes #27
Happy Easter - we had an egg painting party at our apartment
Week Notes #27
Studio Shoot - an updated studio tour is coming next week
Week Notes #27
Planning - a new financial year means new plans

Linkings Worth Clicking:
» Our Studio (apartment tour)
» Small Creatures Digging Through Glass Beads
» Miniature Succulent Eggshell Garden
» Welcome to the Future Zoo
» Self Talk (thank you Danner for sending this to me)
» Jessica Hische speaks on the intersection of arts and technology

Podcasts Worth Listening To
» Dear Handmade Life - #7 Competition
» Below the Fold - #17 Give it up, or give it your all

Blogs Worth Reading
» Go Forth Creative
» Imaginative Bloom
» What Should I Eat For Breakfast?

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  1. Love how you decorated those eggs



  2. Great links! I loved the "what should I eat for breakfast", literally my question to myself every day! xx

  3. Thanks for the links--currently listening to the Dear Handmade podcast. I like pillaging through your blog over my morning coffee for creative encouragement of the day!! It's like being connected with lots of creative makers who are cheerleaders haha. So happy to have found your blog. And those eggs are so cute!!!!!

    xoxox, Naomi | bunnyandfawn.blogspot.com

  4. Cliodhna4/05/2015

    Those eggs are so cool! xx


  5. Oh my goodness, those eggs are so cute! It sounds like you've had a busy week. Good luck with all of your planning in the coming weeks xx

    Brooke | brookewrote

  6. Of course your Easter eggs look so rad. The style/design also slightly remind me of that etsy store that sells plant pots that you've featured from time to time!
    <(') hoda | joojoo azad

  7. Love your photography! I would love to have such great skills as yours. What's your secret?!


  8. Lemon Grab! Hahaha what a great surprise.

  9. Anonymous4/05/2015

    I love those eggs - Lemon Grab rules :)

  10. I'm already loving Go Forth Creative and What should I eat for Breakfast today? ! And excited for your updated studio tour. :))

  11. Jenna Opsahl4/06/2015

    The Lemongrab one oh my goddddd. So perf.


  12. Haha - it's awesome, right?

  13. It just had to be done! ;))

  14. Oh yes - I was going for a cute various of 'No-Face' from Spirited Away :))

  15. It's set to be another busy one this week too.. but I'm ready for it! Thank you :))

  16. Oh that's awesome to hear - thank you so much for reading :))

  17. I love breakfast the most.. but I don't make it good enough most days.

  18. Thanks - the front two are mine, the second two are Jack's, and the pineapple one was made by a friend of ours :))


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