Week Notes #29

April 19, 2015

Week Notes #29
Books + Pretty Shirts
The Shock Doctrine was the last book I expected to find in a charity shop but I'm glad I did.
I picked up another random book I've heard nothing about and this super pretty dusty pink shirt.

Week Notes #29
Bravely Default
I've got to be honest, I've spent more time playing this game than reading books lately.
It's the best RPG I have played in years, it's so good I just can't put it down.

Week Notes #29
Shop Update
I spent a lot of hours updating and upgrading the shop website this week. The changes are quite subtle but they make everything run a little smoother. The website is much more responsive now and I'm super pleased with the new mobile site.

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  1. That dusty pink shirt looks lovely! Have a great weekend:)


  2. That's one thing I've noticed since living in the South of Holland... There aren't any charity shops! I mean, there must be organisations but the charity shops we know and love in UK, I've yet to come across one in the high street or in the city!


  3. That shirt is so pretty! I have a lilac shirt that is very similar and it is one of my favourite pieces of clothing!

  4. It looks like you've had a great week, I love the top in the photo :) I always fall back into my DS with a game I used to play when I was a child. And yes, sometimes it's very distracting and can take away from things that I should be doing

    Brooke | brookewrote

  5. How is the book, have you started it? I'm looking for something new!

    Danika Maia



  6. the article is so true about it has already been done, and another thing to add if you're thinking it, someone else is doing it.

  7. Oh man, I used to love playing RPGs when I was younger! My favourite game has always been Fire Emblem. I wasn't too crazy about Final Fantasy like everyone else was. I've never heard of Bravely Default but I'll definitely check it out online!

  8. I love your super cute top! And how was the book? I'm curious!


  9. It's always so good when you find an unexpected book in a charity shop! I think most people dismiss them as just being full of holiday paperbacks and Mills & Boon but I've found some real gems, nearly always as good as new too x

    Josie’s Journal

  10. I find a lot of "unexpected" books in charity shops.. but 'The Shock Doctrine' was really something else. I rarely come across books like this in second hand shops.

  11. Thanks! I haven't read the books yet, I picked them up during the week :))

  12. Bravely Default is SO GOOD. It's very similar to Final Fantasy.. but everything has been refreshed; I've always been a huge fan of FF.. but Bravely Default is something special. I'd really recommend it.

  13. I'm going to read 'Music for Torching' first and then get stuck into 'The Shock Doctrine.'

  14. Ugh, I know.. I guess we can't do it all and reading and playing games are just two different ways of unwinding. Right now I'm really into games so I guess books will have to take a back seat for a while.

  15. I love it - it's HUGE though but I can still work it with a few outfits.

  16. UGH that SUCKS. Where I used to live there were a lot more charity shops, there aren't so many in big cities so we have to travel outside of Birmingham to find them. Totally worth it though

  17. Thank you - I hope you had an awesome weekend.


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