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THE "BE INDEPENDENT" CREATIVE BUSINESS GUIDE Get Involved Once you have chosen your craft , decided on a creative mission ,...

Get Involved

Once you have chosen your craft, decided on a creative mission, and set up shop, all that's left to do is: get involved.

Start networking and reaching out to people; get involved with the creative/designer-maker community. Find creative allies you can rely on. Surround yourself with people who understand, support, encourage, and inspire your creativity. In order to grow creative confidence, we must place ourselves amongst allies who will learn, develop, grow, and create alongside us as well as share personal experiences, provide emotional support, and offer genuine advice.

Avoid people who are negative or dismissive. Ignore anyone who tries to tell you what you are doing is worthless.

If you're wondering how and where you can find like-minded creatives, simply be interested in other people and they will be interested in you. Join or create groups online or in person; network through social media; attend markets and events, participate in projects, and collaborate with others. Join existing creative forums and professional organisations or start a blog to share your experiences. Make friends with the people who inspire and encourage you the most.

Be open and friendly, put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to reach out to make connections - actively engage with the creative community and you will soon discover your creative allies.

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  1. Great article! I couldn't agree more with making connections, so important!

    Ps- I just started a new blog. It's called Mildly Moody and its aimed towards female entrepreneurs and career IT girls. Perhaps you can take a look when you get a chance?
    Now following you!
    Xoxo, Cori

  2. Siobhan Amelia Hattersley5/25/2015

    Great Advice! I think as long as you are doing what you love it no one else's business to put you down and say that you can't do something, only you have that choice :) xx

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  4. Thanks for the superb advice (: We have been doing our best to reach out to various people but its a little difficult! That's alright (: we will just continue working at it and believe that things will turn around! Thanks for sharing such great advice - been reading your blog!

    x Min,

  5. Great advice as usual - and also, awesome new layout. I do love it, and it feels so very 'you' :)

  6. Always love your tips on success and creativity.

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  8. Thank you for reading :))

  9. Thank you - I'm still not 100% finished with it but I don't have a lot of spare time to deal with it right now. I just don't want that boring sidebar anymore!

  10. You've just got to keep going with it, everything takes time. Thank you for reading the blog :))

  11. Absolutely. I do think we all need to be aware that not everyone can do their "dream job," that's just a reality of life - we're not always great at the things we love the most BUT that doesn't mean we should quit trying.


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