17 Things I Have Learned From Two Years Of Blogging

Things I Have Learned From Two Years Of Blogging

I can't believe this blog is only two - so much has changed in what feels like such a short amount of time. Last year I shared what I learned from one year of blogging, now a whole year has passed I have learned a whole lot more.

#1 Things change - your space, your friends, your opinions
#2 Knowing why you do what you do is important
#3 Reviewing your reasons regularly is crucial
#4 If you don't feel OK with something, don't do it
#5 If something doesn't feel right, don't do it
#6 Just because you can make money doesn’t mean you have to
#7 It’s OK to try stuff out just to see how you feel about it
#8 10,000 readers seems to be a milestone that changes some bloggers
#9 Blogging is great for business (but only if it’s done with genuine passion)
#10 Juggling a business, blog, and a busy life can be tough
#11 The more you write, the more ideas you’ll have
#12 But sometimes you will need to take a break
#13 Blogging should be an enjoyable habit
#14 An editorial calendar is super useful
#15 Your own archives can be a source of inspiration
#16 Keep things fresh and blogging won't get boring
#17 Consume less, create more

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog