Useful Links for Creatives and Bloggers

May 19, 2015

Useful Links for Creatives and Bloggers

There are a lot of free resources out there - from blogs to podcasts to public talks - for creative professionals and bloggers to take advantage of. This is a list of what I consider to be the most useful links; I regularly listen to, read, and attend all of the podcasts, websites, and events featured below. If you're looking for business, blogging, or general creative lifestyle advice, these links come highly recommended:

» Glug Events
» Brain Pickings
» Creative Something
» It's Nice That
» Creative Boom
» Colossal
» Bleaq
» Brown Paper Bag
» Creative Safari
» Flavorwire: Art
» Flavorwire: Design
» Inky Collective
» Lifehack

» 99U
» The Middle Finger Project
» Entrepreneur
» YFS Magazine
» The Guardian Small Business Network
» The Design Trust
» Indie Retail Academy
» The Prince's Trust
» Crafty Fox Market Talks
» Create as Folk
» Guerrilla Freelancing

» Moz Blog
» Social Mouths
» Hubspot
» Quick Sprout
» Seth Godin
» Braid Creative

» TED Radio Hour
» Your Dreams My Nightmares
» The Accidental Creative
» Andy J Miller Pep Talks
» The Broad Experience
» HBR Ideacast
» What's Your Story?
» 10,000 Hours
» After the Jump
» Being Boss

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these links !


  2. You can never say that you have learnt enough, or don't need anymore guidance from others, so thanks for posting these really useful links! You might also like Social Triggers ( which is a great site for businesses and blogs and has heaps of great information :)

  3. these are all very help and inspiring.

  4. I love discovering new website through list like these, bookmarked your post so I can take a look at all of them. Thanks for sharing Bleaq! :)

  5. So pleased you found the list interesting - I hope you find some you like :))

  6. Super pleased you found this list useful.

  7. I absolutely agree.

    I used to read Social Triggers.. but I'm really put off by his shady tactics. I've been reading a lot about blogging consultants/social media experts and there is a lot of dodgy stuff going on and I just can't support it.

  8. Oh wow, I just started reading it, so this is definitely something that I will keep in mind. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. Oh Sophie thank you so, so much for including me on this list! Yay! I'm so happy that you find the Inky blog useful. The feeling is completely mutual, I'm always pointing people to your blog :)

    Plenty of links here I hadn't heard of too, can't wait to get reading! x

  10. I would definitely be wary of the things you read.. the advice is often pretty solid, but it's usually shared in a way to convince you to buy his products and courses.. which are A LOT of money. Many consultants do this; it's all about making themselves sales and often their content isn't worth it.

    Derek is part of the consultancy community, who have a lot of affiliate schemes, dodgy testimonials, and £2000 "courses" that are just a waste of money.

    Be really careful about any money you're considering paying for these kind of products and take the advice with a pinch of salt <3


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